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     First, the disclaimers:

    1. I know it’s Days
    2. Yes, Caroline is under house arrest
    3. Yes, Carly had her ethics review
    4. Yes, Stephanie lost Nathan

    But, here’s what’s bothering me…

    Why is everyone blaming Carly?  Are we building up to a storyline where Carly goes off the deep end because she’s the brunt of everyone’s anger?  Or will it be a "who shot Dr Manning"?  

    Last I checked, while there was a whole slew of people who helped maintain part or all of the secret, Philip and Chloe’s one-night stand is the root of all the problems.   Daniel and Melanie seem to be the only two who know who to blame.  Everyone else seems to think that Carly’s at fault.  Am I missing something here?


    It still bothers me that Carly killed her husband and has gotten away with it.  Nobody knows exactly if he was as bad as she claimed.  It’s only her word and I don’t trust anything she says.  So she keeps her license and immediately Lexie asks her to help with Johnny’s surgery.  (The whole inquest or hearing  was a joke).  She can join the list of Salemites that get away with "murder"  and other crimes – the DiMeara’s and Kate.


    Another thing – I don’t know which is worse   – Sami ranting and raving like a lunatic or her acting all smug and completely stupid when E.J. and Nicole came to tell her about Johnny.  Also, why does she get so mad when she is talking to the doctor?


    it’s to the point where I suspend belief just like when I watch the Wizard of Oz or something like that…we are never going to get synergy in the SL (collection of different elements working together to produce results not obtainable by any of the elements alone) – we’re not even getting 1 + 1 = 2 in the show.  I give up with banging my head against the wall when I watch.  




    EJ and Nicole was pretty funny yesterday, even though I knew what was coming.  But, IRL, you’d think by the looks on their faces that she would know something was wrong.

    I know Sami (Ali) often goes over the top portraying her grief, she brought tears to my eyes yesterday after she was told about Johnny.  Can you imagine getting news of your child like that?  It would be devistating to a parent.  I loved how Nicole took over and handled the situation in a sane and calm manner.


     he was as bad as she claimed….It’s only her word."  I watched the show when Lawrence was originally on it.  He was bad to the core!!  He raped Jennifer when she pretended to be Carly (using her original name – Jenn was trying to protect her friend).  Lawrence’s father and Carly’s father had arranged their marriage and Carly found out what he was really like when she was 16 and ran off.  She had their child Nicholas at that time.  Vivian pretended to be her friend and then when she had the child, told her he had died. He didn’t and Vivian raised him pretending he was her’s until it was convenient to drop the truth on Carly.  Lawrence was tracking Carly down to force her into the marriage when he met up with Jenn.  He knew all the time that Jenn wasn’t Carly but didn’t let on until after the rape etc.   He eventually pretended to be a good guy to get her to marry him, then they left town with their son (he was about 12 at that time).  He was seen in flashbacks forcing her to give up Melanie to Trent.  I don’t believe for one minute he was the victim here.  He’s just like EJ and combine that with Vivian’s evil and you get the real Lawrence!


    at all.  Is he someone else who left one day and never returned?


     deciding how old Nicholas is now! lol  He came back a few years ago in his 30s and had a fling with Kate.  Are they going to make him 40s or de-age him again?  If Carly is 56, she could have a 40 year old son since we know she had him at 16 but she seems younger than that.  


     being at the heart of the blame game; however, too many people put themselves in a predicament where they can be seen as the interloper.  Why can’t somebody, for once, use common sense (a rarity in Salem, I know) and simply confront the person(s) they are doubting?  Why couldn’t Chloe simply tell Daniel as soon as that male nurse set her up per Vivian’s instructions; why couldn’t Philip confront Melanie and Nathan as soon as he saw the kiss; why do these numb-nuts have to take it upon themselves to do their own sleuthing, always coming to the wrong conclusions?  It boggles the mind.  Even though Chloe and Philip are totally insecure in their relationships, I was always taught to believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.  So, IMO, they are the only ones to blame for this dreaded snowball effect on their lives.  We all know the ole’ addage, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.’  Sorry, but they deserve to be in the position they’re now facing.  As for Vivian, Carly, Caroline, Stephanie, and even Kayla and Nathan, they all contributed to pushing the snowball downhill, so I have to put some of the blame on them, but this whole mess could have been avoided by immediate confrontation.  Instead, it was easier to get drunk and jump into bed (in this case, on the sofa) with one another.  Now, I have to suffer through the aftermath of their stupidity.  Simply put, it leaves me cold and uncaring if these types of characters would, in fact, just ‘ease on down the road.’  Oh, and Sami, just STFU and listen for a change.  You made an ass of yourself yesterday.


    it is so  much getting mad as it is trying to delay the inevitable facing of bad news.  I think that part is pretty realistic, people do it all the time. You get bad news and you take your anger/frustration out on whoever told you ("don’t shoot the messenger").  And people do have a tendency to blame the doctor when he tells them something is wrong, i.e., "I see you all the time why didn’t you discover this before it became life-threatening".  I do agree with the smug 2-year old behavior when EJ and Nicole showed up. The looks on their faces were serious and I would have thought she would immediately have asked if something was wrong with the children.


    Why did Phillip just walk away when he saw Melanie and Nathan. Honestly, that was out of character for Phillip. He has a temper and the real Phillip would have walk in the house and punched out Nathan’s lights. Then, regardless of what Viv did to Chloe, the one night stand would not have happened.


    but she is not to blame here.  It just seemed to me that everyone was turning on her (Melanie, Daniel, Caroline, Kayla, Victor, etc) for this mess, where the root cause of all of this is what Chloe and Philip did.  


    I know – wish they would bring him back.  She was also separated from him for years before she and Lawrence found out he was their son.  Maybe by Vivian??  I forget.  Anyway, it’s wierd how much she goes on and on about Melanie and never mentions him.  It would be great to see how he and Melanie would interact.  


    I was there for some of it when Carly and Lawerence were together – but only for a brief time, (think that was around the time I first started watching the show). 

    And I also remember that dear old Vivy, buried Carly alive, (that story went on for weeks too).  Yeah, Lawrence has never been the epitome of kindness or goodnes – he was evil going wayyyyyyyyyy back when.  So Carly was and is justified.

    I’d say it  must run in the family since Vivy is his blood relative.  Although, my beloved John was an Alamain, he had the good fortune to get away from Larry and Vivy.


    I’m one of those that can’t stand that Kayla, Stephanie and Caroline are blaming Carly.

    Daniel and Melanie have a right to be angry with her.  She knew Chloe had a one night stand and kept it a secret.  She did do a paternity test to see if the baby was Daniels.  BUT to blame Carly for the entire mess as the rest are is totally insane. 

    How did Carly doing a paternity test FORCE Stephanie to get into St. Mary’s computer and see the results.

    How did Carly doing a paternity test FORCE Caroline to get into St. Mary’s computer and change the results.

    How did Carly doing the paternity CAUSE Caroline to suffer a stroke.

    Carly doing the paternity test had no bearing on their actions yet Kayla, Caroline and Stephanie are blaming her for their actions.  The fact is, Caroline and Kayla hate Carly for her relationship with Bo and Stephanie is looking for someone else to blame so she jumped on the bandwagon with her mother and grandmother.  None of them are mature enough to face reality.  They couldn’t keep their noses out of somebody elses business. 

    Carly was only involved because she found out about the affair and was trying to do what she thought was right and find out if the baby did belong to Daniel.  When she thought it did then she bowed out and kept her mouth shut to allow Daniel to raise his son.  Yes, she might have been wrong for keeping the affair a secret but she had no idea Chloe slept with Phillip but now Melanie is blaming her for keeping that a secret.  THE WOMAN DIDN’T KNOW.  They all need a scapegoat and Carly’s the one they all picked. 

    I do feel sorry for her in this as she’s not as guilty as Stephanie and Caroline in this but she’s the only one being accused in public.  Besides Chloe and Phillip that is but I’m sure eventually they’ll come around to blaming her also. 


     wasn’t he?  Since his parents were Colleen Brady and Dimera (sorry can’t remember the guy’s name).  He was Stefano’s brother.  They changed his story lines so many times it gets hard to remember.  

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