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    Just watched 4 episodes, getting caught up. For some odd reason I thought about the things on Days that make me smile…sometimes in a sarcastic way.

    Love the fact that no matter what the situation, condition, facts, etc…EVERY patient comes through the main lobby of Salem University Hospital. Car wreck victims, stroke patients, and even doctors carrying organs just waltz through the lobby like it’s the norm.
    Love the medical talents of convicts….Inmates in the "state pen" are capable of open heart surgery, kidney removal, etc… Amazing that they have life support equipment right on the premises. And their medical knowledge is impressive ;)
    Love the fact that education is so easily obtainable in Salem. Melanie became a nurse in about 21 days. Not to mention the numerous Salemites who have changed professional careers several times.
    Love the fact that residents of Salem rarely ever eat. Now that Mrs. Horton is gone, they don’t even get a donut. Just Caroline Brady’s chowder or a cup of coffee at the Java Cafe. No wonder they’re so skinny
    Love the fact that out of town family never make it to any monumental event. And they don’t even call. Marlena doesn’t call to check on Johnnie? Sean D doesn’t write/call his mother in prison?
    Love the fact that holidays come and go with rarely even a word spoken. Birthdays? Anniversaries? Bo and Hope’s July 4th BBQ? Thanksgiving?
    Love the fact that doctors are “all purpose”….pediatricians, neurologists, opthamologists, heart surgeons, etc…
    Love the fact that everyone is always dressed(unless it’s a love scene of course). And I don’t mean casually. Suits, ties, jewelry, high heels, boots…where the heck are sneakers? Sweat pants? Jeans? poor Chloe has a dress on 365 days a year. And she doesn’t even have a job!

    Please feel free to jump in…there were more I wanted to post but I suppose I’m just stating the obvious. And it’s a soap so I guess I shouldn’t expect much. Just wanted to put this out there.


    I LOVE it when someone is holding a HUGE secret from someone,  and while they are talking to that someone , he or she says,  I know all about it and there is always a huge pause right after they say that!   ARGH!

    I also love it when barely anyone works,and yet everyone has an endless supply of money from the Salem money tree  (i wanna live there!) with the exception of a certain few, i can probably count it on 2 hands . 



     I love it when someone can be in the Fiji Islands one minute, then walking through their front door in Salem in less than an hour’s time or sometimes even minutes!  Remarkable!

    I love it when somebody can be talking loudly behind the hospital drawn curtain and the person on the other side of it doesnt’ hear that person but when somebody is talking quietly behind a closed door, the person on the other side of the door often hears what is said.




    I have to admit that I am a little offended by the Nurse Melony thing.  I am currently in my second year of Nursing, and I am just starting to learn about IV medications, and how to administer them.  There is no way in h-ll that I would be involved in an operation let alone assisting with one, nor would I know how to.  I have no life unless it involves a date with my text books and yet there is Melony running here and there.  I don’t know how long it takes to become a registered nurse in the US, but here in Canada it is a 4 year undergraduate program.  I know that it is just a soap, but some reality of the hard work and dedication to become a nurse should be respected.

    Just my little rant for the day.


    You can be dating your solemate one day and find out he’s your brother the next

    If you wait long enough you eventually find out your one of Stefano DiMera’s children and are heir to an empire

    You’re told you can never have children you immediate get pregnant from a one night stand

    The lawyers are just like doctors, specialists of all.  Mickey was a criminal lawyer, corporate lawyer, contract lawyer, family lawyer…same with EJ.

    You can’t trust the SPD as they’re all on Stefano’s payroll

    Nobody ever has to go to the bathroom in Salem

    A lot of women wait until they give birth to find out the sex…In Salem they wait until after they’ve given birth to find out who the father is

    You can have a stillborn baby when you’re 5-6 months pregnant but the the child will turn up years later as a healthy adult

    You can give birth to a baby but never remember it and later find out the baby you gave birth to wasn’t even your child

    You don’t go to a hospital to have your baby…you go to the church, warehouse, cave, isolated cabin……..


     How a patient (in this case, Johnny) can have their eye removed due to retinoblastoma and be home in two days; yet, when the disease is found and cured in the other eye, with no loss of vision, patient still remains in the hospital two weeks later.  They don’t make you stay overnight for chemo/radiation;

    I love how absolutely no one in Salem has any peripheral vision whatsoever;

    I love how a person can talk to someone for 5 minutes, and the person they were talking to responds with "what are you saying";

    I love it when a vet is returned to the show, but is hardly ever seen, and seemingly has little or no future story on the horizon; but mostly;

    I love it when I see old pics from years gone by where a veteran character, still with the show today, is holding a baby in her arms at a family wedding, and today that baby is the father of two of her children (Sami and Baby E.J.)  LOL!




    i also love it when people stick their noses into the lives of others when it’s absolutely NONE of their business!!!! 


    Someone is hiding something and talks to themselves LOUDLY in a crowded room and nobody hears them

    It can be the middle of winter with snow on the ground but you can walk around in a light sweater or sundress and not get cold

    You can decide to get married today and have a huge fancy wedding next week complete with decorated church, long fitted gown and perfect reception BUT you wasted your money because 10:1 someone will either drive through a stained glass window, give birth, get shot or announce your deepest darkest secret



     I love it when other fans respond with their own things that annoy them….but when it is all said and done; we all continue to watch and remain loyal Days fans…:)


    And when all is said and done, what in the world would we have to gripe about if we didn’t watch this show?  :o)


    You can find out you’re pregnant and have your baby 2 months later.

    You can fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes a week after you give birth and you can also have sex that same week.

    You can have major surgeries in the filthiest of conditions and and never get an infection.

    You can be shot, set on fire, get beat up, crack your head open, etc. and never have a permanent scar.

    You can "create" a double of someone and their spouse can’t tell the difference–all of their manerisms and every physical inch of them is just the same as the original and everything they do (kissing, etc.) is just like the real person.

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