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    How come no comments on the new Will?  My first thoughts are that he doesn’t seem to be very comfortable in the role.  And he appears to have "staring" eyes, kinda like he’s in a trance.  I found myself wishing for Old Will back.  OMG, did I really say that?  Maybe it’s just going to take some time for him to settle in.

    Maybe he tested well with Mia and we’ll have some hot and heavy scenes in store for us.  Although I can’t see that much emotion coming out of Mia.  I’m kind of baffled as to what direction they’re trying to take her.  I guess because they redeemed Mel, now they have to turn Mia to the dark side.  <yawn>



    but, of course, new actors almost never do when they first appear.  I felt the same way, Bonbon, about the old Will.  I was just starting to like Dylan Patton in the role, and then, of course, poof, you’re gone.  I have to agree with your assessment of his staring eyes.  He almost looked scared to death.  Hope that was just first day jitters, and that we will see some improvement there.


    to form an opinion on new Will. I think it takes awhile for an actor to get fully acquainted with the character and how to play him.
    There are many replacements I disliked at first but then warmed up to them.


    I am not going to judge him yet.  Many actors have a bad first day or even couple days and then turn out to be very good.  Especially the younger ones.  So I am going to reserve my judgement for about a week.  See how he interacts with Sami and more will Mia.  How he reacts to Mia doing something stupid.  I think he has a better look than the last Will, so we will see if his personality starts to come out more.


    Remember 2nd Belle?  I could hardly look at her and then it was ok.  When they changed Bo – that was the ultimate!  I still dislike when they replace an actor – it really upsets the psyche ~ imagine one of the people you see every day at work or a friend and all of a sudden they have a different voice or face?  I think that’s why we don’t like the newbies at first. 


    Does he have a younger appearance to anyone else?



    I was wondering if they went with the actor because he physically resembles Sami (blonder, etc.) more than the other actor.  Now that Lucas is out of the picture, you need the actor to resemble the remaining parent.

    As for his performance, one day (haven’t seen today) isnt’ enough. I’ll give the kid (?) at least 4-6 weeks on screen. He needs time to develop the character in his own style, develop chemistry with the key players, etc.


    a fan of all that hair hanging in their faces.  Maybe just old fashioned, but I do like to see an actor’s face.


    He definitely looks a few years younger than the old Will, IMO.  That threw me off.  He looks too young for Mia.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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