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    I think this storyline could have great potential. Chad who has been raised by a couple “cold fish” of parents, cast aside by his DA “dad”, holding all this pain inside. If Days progresses this with some powerful and insightful writing, this father-son relationship could be very interesting to watch.


    damaged and unstable based on where they’re coming from.  I would hope that they could help heal each other, but I tend to think from past history of Days they will be at each other’s throats for quite a while to come, until Chad and Stef develop a relationship, and EJ is going to step in it by doing his utmost in thwarting any progress Chad and Stefano may make in their family ties.


    didn’t leave any doubts about how he feels about Chad.  But I can’t figure out what he even has to base those feeling on.  I don’t remembering the two ever even speaking to each other so what does he know about Chad?


     to EJ’s being able to control the entire Dimera empire.  I’m guessing that’s how EJ views him  – competition and you know how he has to be in total control of everything! Sharing is not in EJ’s vocabulary.


    when Mia was in the picture and the whole Grace/Sydney tug-of-war was going on.


     and he won’t stand for losing what he believes is his to control.  However, Stefano sees Chad as a brand new soldier, one he can train from scratch (even though I’m not sure Chad will ever let that happen).  He might look at Chad as the son he always wanted and shower him with affection and dazzle him with something Chad has never had …. power, money and hoards of those who will fear him.  I’m really looking forward to this new DiMera storyline, especially if and when Chad accepts who he really is.  If truth be told, I can’t wait for E.J. to get knocked off his pedestal.


     I hope they continue to explore Stefano’s complex relationships, and that they don’t return him to a caricature.   I also hope that this is the beginning of a truce between EJ and Sami, and that the EJ storyline shifts to a feud/power struggle with Chad.  I would love for Chad to become Stefano’s golden boy and to watch it eat EJ up!  I’m looking forward to EJ and Nicole, and what happens when her sister shows up.  I hope that Chad doesn’t turn to the dark side, but that we see him trying to maintain his integrity while becoming a Dimera.  There is just so much potential for good, complex story lines to replace the EJ/Sami shouting matches.  Throw Kate into the Dimansion drama (never thought I’d be a Kate fan- another Kudos to the writers!), and we could have some good shows ahead!  Please rise to the challenge, writers!

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