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     I’ve been thinking about who will discover the truth and expose it.  Everyone seemed to think that Nicole would be the one, and she has learned part of the truth.  I think she will figure it all out soon, but she already has her deal with Anna, and I think that instead of exposing EJ, she will blackmail him in to reinstating her as the Queen of the Dimiera mansion.  It is not her MO to seek truth and justice, it’s to use information for her personal gain, and she wants her life back.  I think they are heading in that direction with her statement in prison, "I’m still a Dimiera, more than you know".  I think it will be Rafe, and I do want it to be him so that he will be the hero he deserves to be. BUT, wouldn’t it be a great twist if it actually turned out to be Sami?  Everyone is so frustrated with how stupid and childish she’s been, it would be a great way to redeem her.  She does have some suspicion.  She questioned when Sydney said, "Dada", and she asked him is he really did want things to work out for her and Rafe.  It would be a major leap for her character, if she could just focus her pretty little head for two seconds!


    Sami in my eyes, but she’s been down that road before and has reverted so many times to her old ways that I think it’s true that a leopard cannot change it’s spots.  I’d rather that Nicole and Stefano give Rafe a lead to the end of the kidnapping story. 

    I love EJ (don’t slam me for it, I can’t help it), that being said, I do want him to get some sort of comeuppance for what he did, along with nutty Anna.   I can see them in a side by side cell and Anna uttering the famous line from Laurel and Hardy to EJ saying  "Well, EJ, here is another fine mess you’ve got us into…"


    Although I’d love to see that happen, I don’t think EJ would ever stand for Nicole blackmailing him.  I still want them to be a couple.


    so it more than likely will not be him.  He’s certainly not going to reveal anything to Rafe knowing full well that he would be signing his own political death certificate.  No, it will probably be someone who will find out that Nicole has been pardoned and then put two and two together and realize that something’s fishy.  My guess is Victor.  He was shocked to see that Anna and the governor knew each other; he can’t stand Anna; and now, once he realizes that the governor has pardoned Nicole, I can almost see the wheels spinning in Victor’s head.  I think he would take Anna down as fast if not faster than anyone, or at least lay the ground work for some degree of suspicion that will warrant an all-out investigation on Rafe’s part.  Of course, Stefano is always a means to a nasty end for whoever is responsible for Nicole’s pardon as well, but I think Vic will put the pieces together and realize that the governor is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, or maybe the fox in Anna’s hen house, and Nicole’s pardon will confirm it for him.  My question still remains, will she throw E.J. under the bus, or will he drive the bus over her first?


    After watching today’s show, I think it will certainly be Rafe.  Victor will probably figure it out, too, but it doesn’t really concern him much to care.  He’s too busy worrying about how to keep Bo from killing Vivian and and so on and so forth.  Rafe was already a bit suspicious of Anna being in town and her nervousness about visiting Sami.  Especially once Arianna and he talk and she tells him about answering EJ’s phone with Anna on the other line, bingo!  Where will the proof come from?  Can he convince Sami of this?  I hope so.  

    I used to loathe Sami back in her scheming to get Austin days, but she has really grown on me.  I think she has grown up a lot.  Although she continues to make mistakes, it seems like her heart is in the right place now.  As a mother I really feel for all she’s been through.  I really like Safe and I hope they get to be happy for a while!

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