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    Awwww!  Poor Bo! I felt so sorry for him!  I dont think I ever cry like that when he and Hope broke up. 

    Ok, I think I’m going to like Tayler.  She grew on me from yesterday. I’m looking forward to seeing her with Abe, Lexi and Theo.  Tayler’s voice gets on my nerves though. i just dont remember her at all from the last time she was on.  what was she involved with? 

    Gawd  Kate…….I hate to go back to hating you again!  Argh!  her hair is getting on my nerves,  i dont like it in the back at all, and that damn blue streak!!! 

    I think it’s safe to say that Chloe is now way over the edge.  Kate wont have to push hard at all.  I cant believe that Chloe just totally walked away and didnt even acknowledge about caring that Parker was hungry. 

    And I think I will watch something else at 1pm and then watch it on my dvr so I can FF through this EJ and Rafe crap.  I cannot stand EJ’s smugness! I  hate it!  


    I couldn’t stand him before and it’s worse now. I’m hoping that Chad breaking into the family and the arrival of Taylor, and hopefully soon the discovery of what he has done to Rafe will all serve to bring Mr. Elvis DiMera down a few pegs cuz he sure needs it. This Rafe story is just more proof that EJ doesn’t love Sami,  never did, just wants to control her and be in charge of the kids. Poor things having to live in that mausoleum with him and Stefano. Actually thank God Nicole is there because at least she just seems to love the kids for themselves, not because they belong to her or anyone else in particular.


     she didn’t seem so jumpy or nervous, and the silly giggle after each line was eliminated today.  Nicole was a lot more tender with her today, but still sort of rude in a condescending way, offering her money and then telling her that ‘she has plenty of it.’  From where, E.J.?  And how long does she think that’s going to last?  I’m sure by now she’s been fired from Titan, but that’s another dropped storyline for now.  As for E.J., I wish Rafe would have found the strength to grab that cigar and put it out in E.J.’s eye.  That stupid grin and that awful fake laughter.  I watch only because I know that he will be taking on a whole new direction once he meets Taylor, and so will Nicole for that matter.  I swear to you, for this entire week, E.J. and Stefano reminded me of none other than Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dumber.  When was the last time we saw the DiMeras acting so stupid?  Really, I mean hi-fiving each other in the hospital, so proud of their plan.  Then Stefano’s "Damnation" after haging up the phone when he heard, I assume, his prison crew was busted; but what really sent me over the hill was when E.J. first looked at faux Rafe after being convinced it could/would work, grabbing his face in his hands, pursing his lips, and kissing his fingers with the Italian innuendo of something sweet or good here.  I swear to God, I thought he was going to kiss him.  No wonder James said in his interview that the writing was "F…ing Stupid."  I still believe this might just be his exit story.  Well, I can hope, can’t I?


    I haven’t watched today yet but I’m hoping right along with you about EJ.



    I don’t even think EJ wants to be in charge of the kids. Stefano does, but EJ only wants to control Sami and drive her crazy. The one sure way to do that…be in charge of the kids.


    I’ve actually been working this week so I haven’t watched much. I think I saw Monday’s show. Taylor is going to be a good addition. Everyone should record this show. I have no patience for the lame and stupid Stefano/EJ/Faux Rafe story. Absolutely the most stupid move Days has made since the entire town died and reappeared on an island. I won’t watch it at all.

    As for Kate, why can’t the writers let her stay just a tad likeable. I’m not saying good, just a bad girl you like to watch. When she gets as hateful as she is getting, all I can say is I hate Kate. I enjoyed all of the scenes when she was helping Brady get back at Viv, but I’m not interested in watching her take Parker away from Chloe.

    Hopefully, this will move along quickly and I can get back to watching the whole show.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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