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    I’ve only seen glimpses of Viv since her return (I’ve loved/hated the character and I’m really glad to see Louise Sorel back on Days)… but where’s Ivan?  Viv just isn’t the same without him!  Didn’t they last exit to get married or something?

    Ivan was so devoted to his, "Madame"… and the two played off each other so well!

    I haven’t heard any rumblings about Ivan G’vera reprising his role… but I’d sure get a kick out of seeing him back in Salem, at his Madame’s beck and call!




    I said  the same thing to a friend of mine (Linda) just last week when "Auntie Viv" reappeared.  Ivan was great pairing with Viv.  Maybe they aren’t bringing him back because Viv is suppose to join ranks with Victor to go against Carley and Stephano.  I’m sure Kate will be in the mix somewhere too.  I’m just so glad we have Viv as another villan, keeps things interesting.  Is there spell check on this?  I really need a spell checker!

    Ms. Jake

    Gee, I hope they fill us in as to his where abouts….but it looks like she is on the prowel for Victor!


    I remember reading that they were not going to bring Ivan back; that this "Gus" was her new go-to boy.  I tend to agree that she will have her plate full when she teams up with Victor and they lock horns with Kate and Stefano.  Can’t wait til’ tomorrow, when Kate sees Vivian is back.


    Her current sidekick is just too low key. Ivan was a riot and surely he and Viv made one of the best “super couples” in Days history.
    It is nice to see Louise back and I look forward to seeing the trouble she will stir up.


     When Vivian first came into the show she was quite twisted. I think in her first scene she actually shot someone in the Alamein living room and seemed to have no remorse at all, embracing Lawrence and just ignoring the poor sod at her feet. And then over the years they brought a more comedic twist to her character, then paired her with Ivan and by the end (although they were adorable) they were sort of buffoons. (Remember Susan’s wedding and the teeth flying through the air and Viv and Ivan in cowboy/cowgirl clothes?). My guess is that they are trying to go back to the origins of the character when Viv wasn’t so funny at all. In fact she was a cold, vindictive woman and she was always against Carly in Lawrence’s life. Will be interesting to see where her character goes.


    Ivan G’Vera has been away from the Hollywood scene since leaving Days. The stuff he’s acted in since then has usually been taped near his home in the Arizona/New Mexico area, as well as some acting he did when he went back to his native Czech Republic.


    I don’t think I want to see Ivan come back with these writers.  I’m not at all sure they could write for him.

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