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     I know that we have discussed this to death, but I just wanted to cringe today watching Sami smiling up at EJ in such a stupid, trusting way.  She has never been a favorite of mine, but this needy, dependent Sami is just too much to bear.  Use your head Sami, and quit trying to self destruct.  Do not be so needy; grow a backbone and a brain. 



    I got tired of her neediness about four boyfriends/men ago…I think that was back with Franco…and that was how many years ago? 

    Some of her stories are interesting because they involve a lot of the characters in the show.  I really wish the writer’s would write her more mature now for as long as she has been a character on the show.  They should take a page from "her Mom" Marlena, and write Sami now as a strong and independent woman…

    I don’t think there are any on the show now with the exception of Maggie and Lexie.  Alice, Marlena, Isabella, Jennifer, Julie all had their moments, but were self reliant and strong minded ladies.  

    Kate is conniving, Nicole is devious, Hope (was strong) but is a bit nutso now, Chloe is so wishy-washy, Carly is a one-trick pony with her "I will tell/I won’t tell" dialog, Mel is ditzy – although well-meaning, Arianna started out to be independent but turned out to be a crybaby, Viv is comedy relief when she’s not trying to off Carly.

    At this stage of the game, I think in five or ten years, (if the show lasts that long of which I hope it does), Sami will be doing the same thing she is and has been doing with men all the "days of ‘her’ life".   


    What is with these writers and Sami? I felt like she was actually going backwards today – this is getting into pathetic territory where she is acting like a smitten 13 year old. Watching her has become very trying and I do not at all understand how Days can regress a character to such an impossible to believe state. And all for da plot – so when this clueless twit finds out how devious her precious EJ is it will be all the more crushing. Oh please, gag me with a spoon!


    dialogue.  I think each one of us could quote verbatum what she will say and could picture how she will act when she finds out about EJ’s role in Sydney’s kidnapping.  It will be identical to every one of her past story lines where she was duped by a guy and she found out later.  It’s so tiring to watch this, but I just can’t seem to turn it off.  Such is soap opera life.  :-)


    I still cant believe that she’s completely forgotten that EJ threw Sydney out with the trash when he thought she wasnt his daughter by blood!  That still pisses me off!  And oh by magic he loves her again becuase she is his daughter by blood!!   AARRRGGHH!!!!   Wake up Samantha!   Seemed that she was the smartest when she was married to Lucas!    Then EJ came along and she lost her Salem brain!  


    sorry, wrong place.


     but if ever there was a lost cause, it’s Sami, and if I didn’t know what was coming on or around Labor Day, I would be using my fast-forward button on her scenes.  Oh, I do know …. my poor cute little hottie, Rafe, will be stuck with her.  Woe is me ….. woe is he.  LOL


    I loved that dress and it looked great on her.  The color was very flattering.  A long time ago I had one just like it in orange (it made me look very tan).  I almost wore it out.


    I enjoy SamEJ! Their scenes were soooooooooooo hot! Ooohhh weeee! If I had a man who looked half as good as the EJ, I’d PLAY DUMB (i.e. willingly believe every word he said, just because)!

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