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    Good grief!  Will the writers ever let these two grow up and act properly in public even when they are POed?  And as usual, nobody was to be seen around the nurses station.  That is the most understaffed hospital ever.


    in the brain and decorum department.  I hate that the writers either keep grown (or suppose to be adult) women acting like 13 year old immature girls.  In fact, I know 13 year old girls that are a sight more mature than these two and including half the females in Salem; Stephanie, Kate, Vivian, Mel – at times, and Nicole and Sami are the worst!


    I’m sure Nicole was causing Sami an enormous amount of pain by beating her with that stuffed animal.  Too funny!




    lol I have no problem with Nicole reacting the way she did, after all, it was SAMI who hit her first. All Nicole was doing was defending herself; granted, hitting Sami with a stuffed animal was laughable, but still…lol

    If anyone really needs to grow up, it’s Sami. She needs to learn that she can’t go around putting her hands on people just because she’s upset with ’em! 


    We know why EJ wants to torment Sami but Nicole really has no reason.  Why did she have to twist the knife about her caring for Sydney on Christmas Eve like she did.  That wasn’t necessary.  In fact, the last we saw, Nicole was trying to help Sami get to spend time with the kids.  Now she’s intentionally being nasty to her.

    You know, I think if I were either one of those gals, I’d be seriously thinking of joining forces to figure out how to get EJ out of their lives, heck, out of Salem, let’s go even further and say, out of this world.  I don’t know how they can put up with his cruelityl


    has really been ticking me off lately. How can she be so smug when she is a baby stealing tramp, for lack of a better description. And from the look of things she appears to be trying to get EJ interested in her again while she is still pulling Brady around on a chain. Which again lends itself to the tramp description, LOL.

    But the other day when she was with Sydney and she kept going on about how she can’t believe she missed so much of her infancy, blah, blah, blah. She isn’t your baby Nicole (as far as we know at this stage of the game) and you had no right to be a part of her childhood. She has no right to be a part of her life now. Of course what goes around comes around and I am sure that eventually Nicole will get her comeuppance, too. Hope I am still watching when it happens.


     after what she has done.  I just hope Sami is right and soon she’ll be on the outside looking in.  To deliberately taunt Sami by telling her how lovingly she took care of Sydney was more than reason for Sami to go off on her.  I don’t know any mother who would have stood there and taken that kind of emotional abuse.  Nicole is a pig and I can’t wait until another one of her devious plans falls through.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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