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    Didn’t Sami move into Rafe’s apartment after the wedding? So how could she throw him out when it’s his apartment? Or am I remembering it wrong?


    got married.


    But, what I don’t understand is that if it was supposed to be Rafe’s job to break up the marriage, why did he appear to be trying so hard to reconciliate with Sami?  That didn’t make much sense.  He should have told her, "This just isn’t going to work anymore, I’m outta here" and left.


    The way I understood it, he was suppose to make her hate Rafe and her be the one to end it.


     and he just wanted to get her into bed one last time before he left.  Boy, I have to give Galen credit.  Although I’m glad it’s almost over, he did a superb job with Rafe2 in that he made me hate him, yet still love and wait patiently for the return of the real Rafe, which time I’m so happy to know is here.


    how we can hate one and love the other even though we KNOW it is the same man! It is as if the outside of Rafe is just invisible to us and we’re only looking inside the person. You are right that the credit needs to go to Galen for pulling it off and for pulling us so completely into the deception.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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