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    Good grief!  Someone needs to knock some people over the head to wake them up to Chloe’s post partum depression.  It is SOOOOO obvious, why isn’t anybody recognizing it.  What does she need to do, paint it across her forehead?  I mean, even Daniel should know what’s going on and not that she needs a psychiatrist but a different kind of help.  I don’t know, what kind of doc treats PPD?

    Not only is she deep into suffering PPD but it’s compounded with the whole Daniel/Parker thing.  And Kate taking advantage of her in this condition is absolutely dispicable.  It puts her in the same class with EJ.


    Chloe.  They just are treating it properly.


    Treatments for severe postpartum depression are usually counseling and antidperessants and sometimes hormone therapy.  I’m thinking Daniel isn’t picking up on it for a couple of reasons.

    1.  She was happy and fine up until the christening and all h*ll broke loose

    2.  Chloe had been so focused on getting him back he thinks that their breakup is what’s causing her problems

    The thing is mariatal problems can play a HUGE part in postpartum depression and the symptoms don’t always appear until weeks after the birth.  He’s jut not thinking clearly now because of his own mental state but he’s got something to occupy his time and take his mind off of it for even a little while where Chloe does not. 

    To have Kate in my face all the time would sure make me depressed. 


    there was mention of her being on medication. But it seems to be selective. When Kate was there Chloe was sharp enough to realize there may be a plot afoot to take away Parker. Yet right afterwards she practically demands that Maggie feed her son, and then of course she was out like a light when Parker was crying.
    With Chloe it’s hard to tell whether she’s not cut out for mothering, whether it’s PPD or even clinical depression or both.
    Or simply a plot device to create a reason for Kate to steal away Parker for her sonnyboy.


     a lot worse for Chloe before it begins to get better, and also open a huge can of worms for Daniel as well.  But, I have to believe that again, the lies, the secrets, the reveal, and now the aftermath are Chloe and Philip’s fault.  It’s going to be a sad, sad story, especially where poor Parker is concerned.  He’s the one I really feel sympathy for.  Poor little guy doesn’t stand a chance at stability in his life, even with Maggie, whose house of live-in misfits has it’s own revolving door.


    She’s not on medication but Daniel did give her a script for something to help her sleep.  She was looking at the written script when Kate came in.


    I think Chloe is "suffering" from "I got caught in a lie and now Daniel doesn’t want anything to do with me and Parker so I don’t want anything to do with Parker either". 

    Okay, I’ve braced myself and am ready for most of y’all to blast me.


    you won’t get any blasting from me, Powerpaw2! I agree!


    with you Powerpaw2 whole-heartedly!  I’m not feeling sorry for Chloe at all.  When she was looking at the prescription Daniel wrote for her, I thought, she’s just staring at the ‘script because it had Daniels name on it, (like a 14-year old in puppy love)…otherwise, she would have gotten the prescription filled to get some rest and get better.  I could care less (but not by much) about Chloe. 

    I feel for Daniel and Parker.  I do think Chloe is suffering from depression, but it’s not post-partum, she’s just a depressed person.  Chloe wasn’t happy with Brady, she was not happy with Lucas, she was happy with her career as an opera singer and when she thought Daniel would make her a happy-little-forever-life and she blew it – well, life’s a b_tch sometimes, put on your big girl panties and get on with living and take care of your baby Chloe, (that you kept saying that you wanted so badly).


    from the first time she appeared on the show.  Daddy and Mommy need to come back to Salem and straighten her out!  


    DSS= department of social services. I don’t know what acronym they used on the show. Some states have a Dept. of Family and Children’s Services (DFACS). But anyway, didn’t Daniel report Chloe to DSS? Did DSS come and investigate?


    where they needed to investigate unless the doctor thinks the problem warrents it.  It was just that he had to report it so it would go on record in case there would be any further problems.

    I believe we saw that because something else is going to happen.  This isn’t a spoiler, just my speculation that Chloe is going to do something for the CPS (Child Protective Services in Florida) to take Parker away from her and will give Kate a chance to get her greedy little blue claws into him.

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