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    circle of hell for the time being…I loved watching them squirm like worms today.  Both of these "true love forever" relationships are going to crumble like a stale cookie – but not before I think that there’s another "whose the daddy story" coming along…it may take awhile for it all to unfold though, but Phillip doesn’t have a Kiriakis heir ~  (his choice) and IF something comes out of this tryst with Chole, more than likely Phil and Chole will be an item…for a while.


    Not another "who’s-the-daddy" story.  We’ve had enough to last a decade.  It might make me do something drastic!

    I really hate that Chloe and Phil did the deed.  Not particularily for Mel and Phil’s sake, but for Chloe and Daniel.  I was so hoping their relationship could remain untainted and happy, at least for five minutes.


    Even for Days. That a girl who supposedly can’t get conceive – or at least a remote possibility – would get pregnant that one time with Phil is hard for me to believe. Let’s get at least some semblance of reality here. Plus I am up to my eyeballs royally tired of these pregnancy out of the blue stories.


    when it comes to being secure in her relationship(s).  Either that or she’s just what she accused herself of in her own mirrored reflection … a slut.  Daniel and Carly have never given her any reason to believe they were having an affair.  She listened to people she doesn’t know from Adam telling her that Carly and Daniel were at some cheesy motel, and she believed them.  First and foremost she should have contacted Daniel and Carly about it instead of listening to a confirmed madwoman who everyone knows hates Carly Manning’s guts.  Wake your sorry a$$ up Chloe and take another look in that mirror.  You shouldn’t have to worry about any other woman anytime whatsoever.  Grow the hell up.  I guess the only strong women on this show now are Nicole and Night-time Hope.


    there’s no who’s the daddy storyline. I would find it very hard to believe especially since Phillip is also suppose to have some fertility issues–remember he and Belle had to have in-vitro to conceive the baby that went into the surrogate and was really Mimi’s and Phil’s.

    I don’t like the way they have made Chloe so insecure about her relationship with Daniel. I just wish they would get rid of Carly and make the whole story go away. I think this is the third time they’ve brought a character from the past that we all thought we’d love to see return, only to absolutely make me hate the character, wish they were gone and never heard from again.


    You consider NICOLE to be a strong woman? She seems totally NEEDY of Brady…She can’t seem to go too long without a man. 


    I am tired of them as well, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they take it that direction.  It would be a stretch, but not that crazy really.  A lot of people who struggle with infertility make it worse by stressing out about not getting pregnant.  But here Chloe, while stressed for other reasons, isn’t even thinking about getting pregnant, and is really relaxed in that aspect.  Her body may respond! 


    it’s that he’s too damn stupid to see when he’s being used by her.


    I thought they just acted like a couple of animals in heat.


    They did it with Nicole and we know how they love to recycle storylines and plots.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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