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    Jason’s teases have revealed to me what will happen 

    Due to Salem’s location in the United Sates along the Corday fault line (kind of Midwestern, Southern, Southwestern, New Englandy with a mall that is in Southern California), it suddenly starts experiencing seismic activity.This leads to earthquakes, tsunamis, and the eruption of the never before mentioned volcano, Mount Saint Alice. It is located near Green Mountain, kind of near the Salem Ocean Beach, not too far from the Salem River, and quite close to the large lake that Horton Cabin is in the middle of. It is on the opposite side of town from the Salem airport (where you can go anywhere in the world in an hour) and nowhere near the Salem desert, the Salem swamp, or the Salem rainforest.As the show comes to a close on that Friday, the town is being attacked by violent tremors, flows of lava, and giant waves.  Right before the credits roll…..

    John is shaken so hard he remembers he is a priest. No wait an art thief. No wait a mercenary. No wait a baseball player. No wait Roman Brady. No wait an Alamain. No wait a Dimera. No wait…aw screw it.

    Marlena sees the approaching lava and sighs “Oh my.” She then discovers Hattie and the 12 Marlena clones Stefano made hiding  in her walk in closet with Don Craig.

    Roman gets shaken so hard he remembers he is Chris Kostichek.

    The earthquake opens Stefano’s grave and reveals that he is really dead.

    Kayla sees the approaching tidal wave and remembers she has a freaking medical degree and shouldn’t be waitressing in a Pub. She also realizes Lexie has only been gone a week and decides not to pursue Abe.

    Bo realizes how much fun the town can be and decides not to leave.

    Hope sees the lava and remembers what hell it was when she was Princess Gina and swears never to do it again.

    Will sees the tidal wave and stops smiling. He also remembers he is a Horton and starts acting like one.

    Lucas sees the tidal wave approaching and tries to remember if he has a job. Or a backbone.

    Sami at first blames everything on Marlena, but then gets shaken so hard she becomes an adult.

    EJ gets hit by toxic volcano smoke and becomes 15. His real age.  Brady is suddenly 20 as well. Cameron realizes he never existed before last month and used to be named Brandon.

    Kate sees the approaching lava and thinks “Didn’t I have two kids named Cassie and Rex?”

    Dan gets his boy parts singed by lava and has to stop sleeping with his patients.

    Nicole goes into labor and has 5 babies. 1 is EJ’s. 2 is Rafe’s. 3 is Dan’s. 4 is Brady’s. 5 is Tommy Horton’s (she never should have gone into that attic).

    Austin and Carrie get hit by the tidal wave and swept all the way back to Switzerland.

    Rafe sees the lava and thinks “I am hotter than that stuff. Why can’t I get a decent story line where I am not an idiot?”

    Sonny smells the toxic gas and thinks “Where are my parents? And my brothers? And do I do anything besides support Will’s story?”

    Vic and Maggie realize they are way too classy for this stuff and join Doug and Julie on a cruise to find Shawn and Belle. And Bill and Laura. And Eugene and Calliope. And Pete and Melissa. They also find 11 Mike Hortons.

     The whole disaster shakes up a new writing staff that produces intricate, interesting, emotional, realistic, and entertaining storylines.



    Now THAT I would watch!!!


    LOL LOL!  Oh, and Gabi gets washed down a mudslide.  "Oh my hair!  Oh my mascara!  What have I done?"

    I enjoyed your version much better than the show!  It was very entertaining.     

         >>> – – >>> – – @


    head writer on DOOL!  I will start watching the show again if that happens!  Kept me on the edge of my seat and my sides hurt!  Best post I’ve read in a long time!!!  I’m going to make sure all my friends who watch DOOL see it too.


    LMAO! That’s awesome! Loved it! Really loved your post too about gabby being swept away by a mudslide! that would be worth watching!

    How about Kate getting shaken so hard that she realizes that blue streak is dumb so she dyes it out, and she realizes she still loves roman and they get back together. Or Roman realizes he is dylans father from 90210. Lol


    send in your application to NBC, Sony Productions and Corday Productions NOW, before it’s too late for all of us.  LOL!


    Thanks for your post.  Best one I’ve read on here in a looong time!  :o)


     lol, what the show is missing; humor & history.


     cliffhanger~ thanks for the laugh!


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