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    Don’t tell me Justin has ‘feelings’ for Hope.  Where in the heck did that come from?  He’s known her for a long, long time and now, all of a sudden, he has feelings for her?  GMAB!

    I do NOT want Justin to go after Hope…no way, José!  He can have Carly or anybody else but STAY AWAY FROM HOPE!


    Just more fuel for the fire. I agree, Justin has been "friends" with Hope for too long to logically have him interested in her. BUT, the writers need to make the actions of long time characters fit the plot for this stupid storyline.


    the writers, I mean.  There’s absolutely no logical rhyme or reason why Justin should have made that statement to Hope.  You mean to tell me that in the short time she’s been living in Victor’s home, he not only fell in love with her, but completely lost all of his feelings for Adrianne, their marriage, their children, and quickly replaced them with this sudden yet undeniable love for Hope?  I know we’re in-between sweeps, but a tiny bit of believability within a storyline wouldn’t hurt, Ms. Higley.  This just plain makes no damn sense whatsoever.


    PLOT DRIVEN!  Or should I say, plot drivel? 


    There is NO chemistry there, this is the writers being stupid.  I am sorry, I don’t believe for a second he has feelings for Hope.  He has WAY more chemistry with Carly.  I can see Carly with Bo, you see a glipse of chemistry there, but not at all with Hope and Justin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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