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     I actually cant wait for Nicole’ sister to come.  Dayscafe said  3 weeks,  but I’m getting very excited to see EJ fall head over heals for some one other than Sami!   Granted I would like EJ and Nicole to find their way back to each other but you know there will be jealousy a foot, with her and even probably with Sami.   


    I dreamed last night that EJ and Nicole DID fall in love.  I’ve got to get a life.


    I really did love EJ and Sami together.  He was so vulnerable.  When he confessed his feelings to Lexie and was like "I love her," I melted!  I knew what he did was wrong, but he was so wearing his heart on his sleeve.


    him around even with another woman in the picture (besides Sami and Nicole), and give him a much softer side.  I know you have to have a bad guy in the show for a good story line, but even baddies don’t have to take it out on their families and loved ones like EJ has been doing the past six months…in fact, I would think baddies would be much nicer to their families, because everyone else in the world is out to get them.   Look at the "Godfather" movies "how close they were" (said tongue-in-cheek)  .  And the DeMira’s are patterned some what off of the Corleone familia. 


     You’d never know it by today’s pier scene.  Even after E.J.’s ridiculously forced laughter after Nicole threw her drink on Sami’s boobs, cool hand Rafe took Sami aside and made her absolutely refuse to pay any mind to E.J. and Nicole, but instead took her in his arms and made her all warm and fuzzy with a big hug and kiss.   Point is, that kiss was picked up on E.J.’s radar immediately, and you could tell he was extremely hurt by Sami’s obvious love for Rafe, and all of his intentions to humiliate her were for naught.  Loved every minute of it.  She will never give a *hit about this bottom-feeder.  The only way he can hurt his is through Johnny and Sydney, and even his and Nicole’s engagement won’t mean any more than the fact that it gives Nicole more of a chance to be a part of her kids’ lives ……… but soon that will end and when it does, I hope he takes it out on Nicole.  Looks like Sami was right ….. Nicole may just wind up on the outside looking in, as usual.


    For EJ to hate anyone he’s got to be capable of love first.  I think with him it’s a matter of controlling and he realized he can’t control Sami the way he wants with Rafe around. He despises Rafe and Sami’s relationship because he took that control of Sami away from him.  If you remember the minute he found out Rafe and Sami were getting married he ran to the park or wherever it was to take her kids from her. 


    confirmed his dismay of having lost control over Sami.  I was soooo glad to see Rafe pull her away before she went totally ballistic!  Go Rafe!!




    Totally agree!  One of my favorite moments was that confession to Lexie.


    There’s a thin line between love & hate!  You can only hate someone you have cared deeply for.  I think Sami is truly over EJ now and isn’t jealous at all about Nicole & EJ like she used to, just jealous of Nicole spending time with her children.  Will be interested to see how this plays out, but I’m ready for Sami and EJ to work together (Not to be friends), but for the benefit of their children.  I hate this tug of war, using their kids to hurt each other, it’s just insanely selfish on both their parts.  The only thing I can say for Sami is at least she has reason to keep them away from EJ since she has reasonable fears he will take them and disappear.


    will be January 27th.

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