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    you just lost the one and only friend you had in Salem.  Although, as I’ve heard say over and over, a drunken mind speaks the truth.  


    not forgive Nicole.  Nicole opened up a can of worms in front of too many of the key players – Carly, Mel, not to mention Maggie.  In the next few days you are going to see all of them think to themselves "Hmmmmmm, I wonder what Nicole meant by that…". 

    Loved the fact that Brady just upped and walked away from her in the Cheatin’ Heart leaving her with her drunken mouth hanging wide open!  Nicole, is like Sami, those two won’t, can’t or will not change so I have no sympathy for them at all. 


    I was shocked at how many message boards show sympathy for Nicole and Sami, because they never knew real love since childhood; both abused emotionally and physically; both manipulated by men who wanted them for their own purposes and not because they truly loved them; both knowing what it’s like to lose a child; blah, blah, blah …. WELL WHAT ABOUT THEM? What’s their motto:  "Do unto others before they do it to you?"  Sure, I truly love AZ and AS.  They are beautiful women who pull off their roles well; BUT, their characters would be better described as ‘caricatures’ since no one I have known in my entire life, real or made up, dead, alive or otherwise, acts like these two idiotic bimbos, who simply refuse to see why their lives are so miserable, all the while continuing to keep doing the same things that got them in trouble in the first place, over and over and over again.  Crap, Lauren Koslow is a great actress … one of the best on the show, IMO … but even Kate has a soft side to her and bathes in reality once in a while when she realizes her children’s or grandchildren’s lives are at stake (may God bless her black little heart), but Sami and Nicole are pathetic losers who should see what’s good and right in front of them and decide … it’s time for a change.  I know I’m ready for one.


    That’s what I feel Nicole and Sami say to themselves every time they screw up. For Nicole to get drunk and then return and spew that confidence in the middle of an audience – and then afterwards apologize, sorry, that doesn’t cut it. People make choices every minute of every day and no, the devil didn’t make you do it, Nicole.
    This, on top of Chloe and Dan offering their home to her and Chloe about the only friend Nicole had.
    Nicole deserves to be kicked out on her butt and do some hard soul searching.
    I’m not holding my breath.


    She comes in drunk, let’s the cat out of the bag and then sounds and seems totally sober when she attempts to make up a cover story. I usually have some sympathy for Nicole, but not to today. Chloes was her only friend and she was so vindictive towards her. Honestly, what did Chloe ever do to Nicole to deserve that? If that’s how you treat your friends, I’d hate to see what you do to your enemies.


    a drunk – so it didn’t surprise me that she could spout off a few lines as "sober" explanation for what she said.  I think the writers use Nicole with alcohol much too much, remember at the mansion, always had a drink in her hand, or at the Cheatin’ Heart slurping down the booze.  

    I know she’s suppose to be in the gutter again, and no body loves her – boo-hoo-hoo (it’s her own fault). I was hoping that they would redeem her for a little while at least, but she’s such a boozehound in almost every scene. 

    Send her to AA with Brady – in fact a great story line for Brady and Nicole to hook back up again (hmmmmm, not sure if I want that one to come to pass…) but it would be a good thing and Brady knows it, to actually sponser Nicole and get her off the sauce. 

    That could tie Maggie in with Brady and Nicole – with Victor – and knowing how Victor feels about Nicole, that would give a catalyst between Victor and Maggie as their relationship progresses.


    because she plays the part so well.  My heart just about stopped beating when she came out with that comment about Daniel.  I wanted to say, Nicole, don’t, please don’t.  I still feel sorry for her.  I thought the excuse that she was jealous of Chloe was befitting.  Here’s her best friend with everything she had and lost.  She’s bound to feel some jealousy.  Not that I’m justifying what she did, I just felt sorry for her.  It was nice to see Carly see it too.


    If she totally says good-bye to Nicole’s friendship or whatever you call it, Nicole has nothing to lose by just telling the secret.   Sometimes that is what happens, you don’t forgive me so, whatever, I will just tell what I know.  Am I the only one thinking this way?


    As my husband always says….Those are explanations but not excuses.  Yes they may explain why they act the way they do but it doesn’t excuse their behavior  They’re adults now and the time to stop blaming everyone else for their choices has passed.  Every bad thing that’s happened to both of them since they reached 18 has been brought on by their own decisions and actions. 

    Sami had love when she was growing up. She might have had a dysfunctional family but so did Eric and he turned out OK. Come to think of it everyone in Salem except for the original Horton children of Mickey, Bill, Addie, Marie and Tommy had normal "Leave it to Beaver" childhoods.  The dysfunction started with Julie and her parents ignoring her.    Sami’s had love as an adult but always ruins any chance of it lasting due to her actions.  The only one who wanted to stick by her was Lucas and she ended up divorcing him to Save The Family. 

    Nicole had a lousy childhood with a father that abused her and put her into prostitution and porn and a mother that looked the other way but she’s also had love since adulthood.  Eric was one who loved her deeply but greed got in her way and she messed that up.   She’s never happy with what she’s got and always looking over the fence for greener grass. 



    I know and see many women who act like this.  Maybe not make ALL the poor decisions they make, but it’s a soap so everything is a stretch, but certainly act the same way a lot of the time.  It’s called INSECURITY, and I think every woman struggles with it, some worse than others.  Nicole and Sami have severe cases and don’t think they are worthwhile so continue sabotaging themselves.  Sami reminds me of one of my best friends and a little bit of a family member of mine.  It breaks my heart, I can see how badly they want to make good choices, and yet their selfishness is too much for them to overcome.  I am not bragging, but thinking of other people is something that comes naturally for me.  I used to think it was common sense, but I have realized over the years that many people lack this quality and it is something that is somewhat difficult for them, something they must consciously think about.  Very very sad.  Okay, enough about that! ;)


     unless something was supposed to have happened after Carly gave her the boot.   


    I don’t know ANYONE that bad.  Insecure, yes, but not to that degree.  I have never, ever known anyone who feels the need to plan to manipulate a situation before it even happens.  No, I have never, ever known anyone who will use their children as a shield for covering their own ass; and no, I have never, ever known anyone who, after miscarrying, would intentionally map out a plan to cover that miscarriage and then steal another woman’s child; and I haven’t even covered anywhere near all of the things these two woman have done, and probably will continue to do.  CHLOE IS INSECURE; STEPHANIE IS INSECURE; SAMI AND NICOLE ARE VINDICTIVE MANIPULATORS.  There’s nothing insecure about these women who can so easily use another person to their advantage the way they have.  Sorry, but let’s just agree to disagree here, shall we?


    are (were) such popular characters – they were strong, and "real", take charge women.  *They’ve kind made Hope into a caricature of her former self of late – (so stop it writers!).  

    Carly is (inspite of the thing with Bo) kind, sweet, etc., to other folks on the show and other that Mel and Maggie still being shown every day, there are not to many level headed women on the show.

    However, the writers and perhaps Corday too, because he allows it on his show, likes women who are manipulative _itches or else these men think that this is the only way to write a woman – sniveling, whiny, simpering, vindictive, plotting, scheming, (need I go on?). 

    I was a big Sami fan for quite awhile but I for one now am sick of Sami.  I’ve been watching her for 15 years now, yes, at first it was interesting her getting into her little log jams in life, but after awhile, we all have to figure out (especially after four children), that you’d better grow the he_ _ up.  Nicole, is the same way, one mess after another, enough already.  Even Nicole can mess up a one-person parade.

    Stephanie, even Kayla coming back isn’t going to help little Miss Twittness so write her off and send her to Switzerland.  Chole, better get with the program too – I had more sympathy for her when she was Ghoul Gal, at this point let Daniel take the baby after it’s born and send Chole to visit Stephanie for awhile.  At least the kid will have one parent that is normally sane.

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