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    I just love watching these two. Ari genuinely seems a natural with kids and they respond. She and Johnny have great chemistry together.


     it changes that image/type that she started on the show with.  Hey, if Chloe can have a baby with Philip (a miracle since both weren’t supposed to be able to), then Nicole should be able to have one.  


    EJ seems to be warming up to her.  Although it wasn’t a hot and heavy love affair between them before when they were married, I can’t help but thinking there is something there that’s coming to the surface again with both of them.  And her actions with the kids are probably the reason.  I just knew he was going to kiss her (even if it was just on the cheek) yesterday. 

    Oh how I hope these two can get back together.  In fact, I think Stefano welcoming her back in the family may be a clue to that.


     I think he’s using Nicole all the way.  He mentioned something to Stefano about Nicole being part of his plan, knowing that the more Sami sees Nicole with Johnny and Sydney, the more it will destroy her, and that’s exactly what it does every time.  Even Nicole said yesterday that she thought E.J. was purposely setting them up to fight, and that he saw it as some sort of "glorified mud wrestling" match (I thought that line was so funny, yet so true).  I think he will have everyone believing that he is still in love with Nicole, but deep inside that empty cavity in his chest, its all about Sami, and whether or not he truly falls for Nicole’s sister will always be questionable to me, because all E.J. cares about is getting revenge on Sami, and he remembers only too well all of the atrocities Nicole managed to hide from him as well.  So, anything they show me with regard to feelings for Nicole will be the facade that E.J. uses so well when he is acting one way, but planning another.  If they do marry, I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t last too long.  Nicole knows him too well — better than Sami, evidently.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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