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    OK, I didn’t see today’s show but form the Days Ahead on Days Cafe it looks like Melanie is going to work with Kate to bring Chloe crashing down and take Parker.  The first part of the plan was for Melanie to tell Phillip she wants to try again as a family.  Phillip told Maggie he’ll be there for Chloe and I don’t think he wants to take Parker from her and is against Kate butting in.  I’m now thinking that he’ll find out about Kate and Melanie and the truth that Melanie was only  trying to make it work to be able to get Parker.  I’m now wondering if that will disgust him and turn him agains Melanie and that will be the way to get him out of Salem. 


    would even consider taking over the care of an infant when she’s pregnant herself?  She will have two kids under a year old.  That’s much like having twins.  Melanie must be nutz.


     will turn out to be Daniel’s, and Mel will lose her and Philip’s baby, which will send Philip into a tailspin, losing everything he once had, and now just can’t take it any longer, and simply leaves Salem (open door possibilty for return at some point).  I just hope he gives Kate a swift kick before he goes.


    Chloe and Mel – they are both fast-tracking their way to Stephanieville for me! 


    since when does santicmelanie not butt her nose in everyone’s business? Her collaboration with Kate is not the least bit surprising. I hope Maggie gets wind of this and tears a strip off of her.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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