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     if Sami believes one more thing that EJ says or does.  The last time he was shot he fake being paralyzed, so why would she believe that he really DOES have amnesia.  She has been over the top stupid for a long time, but after the Sydnapping, she has to have jello for brains to listen to, or do anything for, EJ.  If Lexi tries to play the sympathy card to get her to pretend to be married, then she is just as stupid.  She owes him nothing.  If she doesn’t come clean with Rafe and allows herself to be blackmailed by EJ, jello brains, too.  When Kate called her, and she lied to Rafe about the call, I was ready to throw things at the TV.  Hasn’t she learned that he is the ONE MAN that she can trust to protect her and her family?  Aaarrgh!!


    otherwise we’re in for another 3 to 6 months of the same E.J./Sami drama bullshit we’ve been seeing for the past year.  I’ve made up my mind that if that’s going to be the case, I’ll be fast-forwarding ALL of their scenes, and watch perhaps 10 minutes of what would be left of the "good" stuff.


    after he held her in the dungeon/cave under the DeMansion for five years?  (Remember John finding her down there?)  Now all of a sudden she’s going to risk her medical career again for EJ’s little brain wave problem?  I’m all for giving Lexi more of a story line but come on why would she? 

    I seriously don’t think that Rafe could or should keep Sami’s head on straight if she cowtows to the DeMera’s once again.  Rafe should run far and run fast from Sami!  I’m an EJ/Sami fan but there is a point to where it’s way beyond ridiculousness with these two.     


    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you! I TOTALLY agree with you, except the Rafe part, sorry I don’t like his character at all.


    Sami was so dumb to bring Johnny to the hospital to see EJ. Doesn’t she remember how her son says whatever is on his mind? Plus, he figures things out and questions them. Of course he is going to blurt out about their current living arrangements. I could see today’s previews coming a mile away!!


    If Sami goes for this crap she will get what she deserves.  Rafe should get outta dodge while he still can.  She is no good for him or anyone, but EJ deserves her.


    but since when do they allow little children in the hospital to visit? It’s been awhile since I’ve been in one (thank God) so things may have changed, but I would think the hospital wouldn’t allow this due to sickenss and such with law suits.  But then a relative, i.e., Lexie, wouldn’t be the main doctor on a case either.  And wouldn’t Sami, (as a mother) balk at Johnny being scared and worried about seeing his dad with all the tubes and such sticking out all over him?  I don’t care how astute and smart little Johnny is, I wouldn’t subject my child to the anxiety of seeing "daddy" that way.


    All our hospitals around here (and there’s a bunch of them because of all the old folks here in South Florida) allow children in to see parents.  They are not widely accepted but they do allow them to see mommy or daddy.  And I think that makes sense.  I think it’s important for a kid, Johnny’s age especially, to know that his parent is okay.  Not seeing him could cause a lot of anxiety.  I wouldn’t worry about  the wires and tubes, etc. as long as they were explained before he saw them.  And I don’t think the disease issue is as bad as they once considered it.  If the child had an obvious cold or such, I’m sure they wouldn’t allow them in.

    Which reminds me of my best friend who came to visit me (three days after I had open heart surgery) WITH BRONCHITIS!!!  Of course I caught it and coughing was the most painful thing.  I could have killed her…literally!


    The idea to allow kids to visit in hospitals started in the 80’s or 90’s.  I remember where I worked they would allow kids to visit on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas then they started allowing them all the time but not in intensive care or pediatrics.  Also a lot of hospitals are going back to strict visiting hours for intensive care and EJ SHOULD be in an ICU so I’m wondering why the lax visiting hours with hoards of people running in and out. 

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