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    From SOD:

    Gina Gallego (Warden Jane) and Robin Mattson (Trustee Lee): Look for the prison storyline to wrap up in early February, which spells the end for these shady characters.

    Treadway’s short stint has also wrapped


    I’m still hoping for Jack to come back now that Ben is leaving.




    enough to suit me.   Happy dance, happy dance.



    The warden and Jane can’t be gone fast enough for me but please, please, please keep Ty on…just don’t make him a bad guy.  I’d really like to see him with Jen. 

    I don’t think for one minute that they’ll ever get Matt back on the show (he’s always got so many other things going for him) so they might as well break up Jack and Jen for good.

    Someone previously mentioned the ridiculous story of Jack’s walkabout but isn’t that something Jack would do?  It’s typical of him to do something far out like that.  Maybe he’ll get attacked by a rabid kangaroo while in the outback.


    I can’t stand either one of them and quite frankly I just ff through most of their scenes or play on my laptop while they are on.


     so does Treadway.  He will be going down and out.  What will this mean for Jennifer?  Nothing, I hope.  Why can’t they just let two strong women on this show (Jennifer and Carly) have a story line without having to be connected to a man, whether he’s already married to someone else or not? I know lots of people hate Carly, but I think CC is a terrific actress and I know they have her teaming up with Jennifer and Hope to help rescue Bo. That could be interesting.  Guess I’ll have to reserve judgment for now.


    Gina Gallego was on an episode of Seinfeld in 1992 "The Suicide".  She played the girlfriend of one of Jerry’s neighbors.  After a suicide attempt by Jerry’s neighbor landed him in a coma, Jerry began a relationship with his girlfriend.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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