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    He’s going to be Vivian’s hallucination when the toxins get to be too much for her.



    let her out already! 


    was alive, but I guess they think it makes for a more psychotic Vivian if she keeps seeing and following the orders of the ghost of Lawrence.  In any event, I like Michael and am glad to see him from time to time.  I just wish, oh so very very much, that they would bring back Nicholas.  Now, you want to talk breathless admiration for a real true hottie, and those of you who remember Victor Webster, would have to agree.  Bringing Nicholas Alamain back would add a great deal of depth and could open a Pandora’s Box for some great new plots, but I wouldn’t want a recast of the character.  I would want the original Nicholas.  I wonder if he even knows his father was killed by his mother.


    came back to town unbeknownst to anyone else and met Melanie and fell in love with her.  Since the writers are so good at recycling storylines we could have another Marie/Tommy storyline.  I think that’s been long enough ago to be run by us again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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