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    I am LOVING the scenes with Melanie and Maggie.  It’s so sweet that Mel is so concerned and is showing her best nature when around Maggie.  I know this is probably to set up extra tension when Mel learns about her mother, but I just love her character when she is being sweet.  It’s making me really root for her!


    Maggie is like the mother Melanie never had.


    It’s also a nice avenue to show how good people can be an influence on a person’s life.


    Great acting, great SL, great writing, everything when it comes to these two.  I am really liking this whole Mel/Maggie SL with also the Viv/Mel/Carly SL that is slowly developing.  Add in Nathan when Maggie starts drinking (speculation based on what I have seen) and this is going to be a great complex SL that will involve many characters.


     Maybe with Lucas gone it will be Melanie who helps Maggie through this crises.  That will go a long when in redeeming her in everyone’s eyes, especially Nathan.  Maybe that will be the thing that finally brings them together.


    comes out, this is bound to have a mind-boggling effect on Melanie as well as, I would presume, Maggie.  The two of them have grown very close since Mickey’s death, and to suddenly find out that Carly is Melanie’s bio-mom should be somewhat traumatic for both M&M.  I’m looking forward to this reveal as much as I am to whoever uncovers the Sydnapping.


    Good one, Patti.  You get the award for the line of the day.  We’ll have to adopt that one.


    I did not care for the Melanie character when she first arrived in Salem.  She was very annoying and she just rubbed me the wrong way.  But I love the scenes where she is genuinely concerned for Maggie. She has turned out to be a character that you now care about. I think this will be more important when she does find out that Carly is her mother as she will probably turn to Maggie for the comfort that she’ll need. Love it also when Maggie just cries for her lost love.  She really seems heartbroken.  Great actress!!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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