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     so hold onto your Easter bonnets, cause unless Ken Corday is exaggerating these sweeps, as he has been known to do when he’s giving interviews, I love most of these, but Chloe’s —- not so much:

    (May Sweeps From SOD May 3rd edition given by Ken Corday)

    "Over the next few months, the show will be returning to more of the traditional values of romance and family and generational-oriented story,’ says Executive Producer Ken Corday.  "We’re going to go back to where our bread and butter has always been."

    Rafe2/Sami/Rafe – That story comes to the beginning of a huge conclusion.  The real Rafe crawls back to the safe house – his only memory being the key – and it all starts to come back to him.  There’s a beautiful reunification of Sami and Rafe.  Rafe2 comes across them and Sami is faced with not one, but two Rafes.  They capture him and then the wonderful switcheroo begins.  Of all the stories coming up in May, this is the must-see TV."

    Nicole/EJ/Taylor/Brady – Nicole is always wonderful when she has the upper hand.  She is the only one who knows the truth about what went on with the bait and switch, and this comes to light when EJ asks her for a divorce.  EJ and Stefano have the tables truly turned on them by the end of this story and they think they’re going up the river.  What started as a star-crossed lovers story between EJ and Taylor is going to burn both of them.  Taylor realizes that not only has EJ betrayed her, but he’s completely the opposite of the man she fell in love with.  Brady, meanwhile, is determined to make EJ pay for Arianna’s death.

    Bo/Hope – This is a period of time where the characters were not busy after finding the short-lived runaway Ciara and Theo.  They will become very involved in the end of the story with the two Rafes and Sami, to the point where Bo works way outside the law.

    Chloe – Innocently enough, she is lonely, this guy picks her up, everything is fine and she wakes up with this large envelope of cash.  He turns out to be not only connected to Vivian, but a pimp and Chloe slowly starts to fall for him.

    Jennifer/Daniel/Carly – Corday says, "I think the pairing of Daniel and Jennifer is fresh and exciting.  I find this triangle interesting, but it really becomes a quadrangle in that Carly’s fall into drug addiction is the fourth part of this.  It’s the demon rather than the lover that gets her.  And it’s driven by she doesn’t feel rejected by Daniel as much as she realizes that he’s falling for Jennifer and she’s not part of the equation."

    Will/Gabi/Abigail/Chad – Will and Gabi contemplate taking their relationship to the next level.  Contemplate being the operative word.  He gets cold feet and doesn’t follow through for reasons we’ll find out much later.  Kate tells Stefano that she thinks it’s best to keep Abigail and Chad apart.  "I think they’re a good group; I see the future of the show in them." (says KC)

    Maggie/Victor – Maggie sees Victor as a man who could be better, but she finally realizes she wants to be with him – flaws and all.



    Why do they have to have Chloe jump into the sack with some guy she just meets? I really don’t like that they are trying to change her character into one that is a bed-hopper of sorts. To make matters worse, he’s a pimp! Why couldn’t he be a rich business man who thinks she’s a hooker. Have her try to find him and return the money and then maybe let something develop. I sure as heck don’t want a pimp on the show. That spoils it all for me. I know a lot of people who really hate Chloe, but I’ve always had a soft spot for her and the writers are really dragging this character down a path that will make more people despise her.


    I guess the ‘May Sweeps’ will be what sweeps this show COMPLETELY out of my life. I am already in ‘mourning’, but I refuse to watch anymore. Not even Bo and Hope can save it now for me!!  This show has become a demoralizing bunch of tripe now. Where are the folks going to service on Easter? The beautiful scenes in Church on Christmas? The morals and values?  The ‘backbone’ of this show are gone. There is nothing left but bedhopping sluts, male and female alike!  Stick a fork in me.  I have watched for 38 years. But I’m DONE!!!



     Yes I am not feeling this storyline. I really disliked the way Philip did a 360 on chloe. Yes she slipped, but he accepted his mother’s tape and refused to acknowledge that she manipulated Chloe. THis was really rushed to explain Philip’s departure. 

    As for Chloe they are turning her into a tramp, not much left for her in this show.


    Are Sami and Rafe the old lovers reunited in a big way that we have seen in spoilers on DaysCafe?

    Will gets cold feet for reasons we will find out later? More spoilers come true?

    And every sweeps that comes around KC promises a return to the bread and butter of this show but the truth is this group of writers doesn’t know how to DO the bread and butter writing of Days.

    Although I am glad to see what is going to turn Taylor from good girl to done wrong girl. FINALLY, comeuppance for EJ? And I am truly looking forward to seeing Nicole have the upper hand. She is just so good and I know she will play this with gusto.


    I used to like Chloe and they are ruining her character and they ruined Phillip too with this whole 180 storyline.  I hope Maggie finds out what Victor and Phillip did to Chloe and gives them Hell.


    I sure hope it’s Sami and Rafe reuniting.  I really hope so.   as for Will, it’s probably has to do with this gay SL. and as for Taylor and EJ I sure hope so!  I hope she makes his life hell.  and Nicole makes both their lives hell.  I’m glad that Tamara is taking over, becuase i dont see the current actress being able to pull off being a bad person, she cant really pull off being a good person either.  


    was being grossly unfair to Chloe in the past, and his harsh words to and about her were completely unfounded.  I never could figure out why he hated her so.  But now, it seems they are going to have her live up to all the things Vic said about her.  More character assassination?  Yup, I’m afraid so.  What a shame, I’ve always liked Chloe.


    If I remember Victor hated Chloe when Phillip and her were teens and he found them in the barn where they’d been all night.  She lied to her parents and told them Phillip raped her and momma Nancy marched to the mansion and gave the whole family an ear full.  It wasnt’ until after damage had been done that Chloe told the truth but by then Victor despised her.


    Is it just me, or does anyone notice this story with Chloe is going to be very similar to the Kate/Stefano story that we’ve never really seen but know exists. Girl has child with man she’s not married to, gets involved with pimp, marries former pimp. There are a few differences between Kate and Chloe, but overall, it’s the same story.


     story line between Eve Donovan and Nick Corelli.  Anyone remember that one?


    related to your opinion here.  When Sami and FauxRafe were having sex and the viewers revolted, the guy who wrote this part of the story was let go.  What confuses me is that Dena Higley (head writer) would have had to approve that direction for the story, so why was she not let go too?  I suppose it’s one of those situations where someone has to be the fall guy and it wasn’t going to be the favored head writer.  Someone else here on this board mentioned that there are going to be some good writers available after AMC and OLTL are done and Ken Corday should be looking seriously for replacements.  I couldn’t agree more!


    I wanted to shoot him.


    Same old song from Corday.  Ugh…

    I’d love to see more realism in Days.  So many folks are facing hard times because of the economy.  Even those who allegedly work in Salem seem to earn money for doing nothing unless they work in a hospital.  Would be refreshing for the writers to throw in a bit of fantasy and still come up with realistic ways for characters to deal with real-world problems.

    I wish we board members had the $$ to start our own show.  Would bet we could get some viewers.


    ended up in a Habitat for Humanity home?  That’s about the only time I can remember a family on Days being in true financial trouble.   

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