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    How much fun was it yesterday to see both Max and Nicole?  A breath of fresh air!  Now that Nicole is back, let the games begin!


    I sure don’t like the snarky way they are writing Nichole right now.  Before she went to prison we still occasionally saw her soft and vulnerable side while now she’s just plain annoying.  I hope they don’t screw up her character as she has been my favorite for quite some time now.


    You’d be snarky too after being in prison! What I hope is Nicole is the one who unravels the Sydney kidnapping and blows EJ out of the water to get even for the way he treated her and she and Sami become tentative friends again.  But probably not. I’ms sure the writers will display their total lack of creativity and she’ll find out, make EJ take her back in exchange for not telling Sami and become the new Queen *itch of Salem by having EJ fight for sole custody of Sydney.


    I kind of like Nicole being written this way……

    I never bought her "soft" side.


    the doting wife and mommy was Nicole in her dream world.  Now that that’s come crashing down, she’ll probably go back to her true colors.  I understand she’s coming back full of revenge.  Right now I think they’re writig her a little over the top with the jailhouse bully routine.  What prison guard is going to allow an inmate to bang on the bars and demand to know what time it is.  Yeah, right!  LOL.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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