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    Step 1: Victor turns on Vivian, turning down her business proposal.
    Step 2: Vivian ghosted Sonny into letting him think she was Leo.
    Step 3: Leo & Sonny had relations for the first time.
    Step 4: Sonny had no clue that Leo already has the assistant job.
    Step 5: When Kate & Viv fought over a gun & ended up with killing Vivian.
    Step 6: Kate had Leo to get Sonny in front of a camera he had set up to put their romp in play.
    Step 7: Both Leo & Sonny were involved with the little sex-capade in the office.

    Craig & Leo

    I am not vilifying Sonny in anyway. This is used as an example.

    This is what transpired with Mike Horton: Mike was cheating on Carrie, he was having relations with an unstable woman, who wasn’t his wife. Does it really matter as to what Craig had the girl to do, hence, the sexual harassment charges ?

    Mike was the one who was stepping out & it only matters as to what Craig had the young nurse to do is extremely infantile, don’t you think?

    The same with Leo & Sonny.

    It doesn’t matter that Sonny created the scandal. What mattered was that as to who all had a hand in the putting the romp into play before the romp, which transpired way before the romp.

    So the question is that with all of the people who had a hand in putting the romp in play was before the romp in the office ever took place, so why mainly focus on the scandal ?

    I really hope that anyone & I mean anyone can respond to this.

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