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     Pee-U!  I think Maggie was dipping into Kate’s closet today when she got out her coat!  looks like something Kate or Vivian would wear more than Maggie!  it looked like she was going to take off with those shoulder wings!  whew! and I still would like to know when she became such a big fan of Chloe’s.  Wouldnt that be awsome if they brought Craig and Nancy back to help out Chloe??  I would LOVE that!  they could have tied in Craig with the whole organ stealing crap. 

    How stupid is Sami?  I mean really, if she’s willing to work with EJ who she hates too, why cant she work with Nicole, she should have listened to Rafe once again and just signed the papers. maybe Rafe should suggest anger management.  


    I loved Nancy. It would be fun to see her back for a bit. However DOOL has a way of adding too many characters all the time so I am not sure if it could be pulled off (for example Kayla`s return).


     and I love her, but she was such a ditz today.  All she had to do was sign the papers, and all would be fine.  She puts her foot in her mouth before she has time to think.  Nicole has shown nothing but love and concern for Sami’s children, and realizes she is not their mother.  Even if she was right about E.J. just wanting to torment her because he knew that having Nicole there would do just that, I wanted Rafe to shake her and tell her what would make her think that he was more justified to be the kids’ step-dad than Nicole was to be their step-mom.  Everything was in place, but once again she blows it …. which is exactly what E.J. was expecting.  She needs to stop and think, if Nicole and E.J. don’t marry, the kids will be raised by E.J. and Stefano…..alone……in the mansion…..with no Nicole to protect them from their father and their nono.  Stupid bimbo …. Sami, you certainly are a stupid ass when it comes to your childish outbursts.  I despise E.J. for what he is doing, but I think your kids would be safer with Nicole in the mansion than NOT.  You can’t have your cake and eat it, too; lest you lose the best of both.


    I’d even like it if Nancy was back to see her grandson and stay off camera.  Just have people mention seeing her and Chloe saying how nice it is to have her mother’s support. 

    Of course Nancy could be a Mama Bear where her family was concerned and I would love to see her and Kate go head to head over Parker. 


     Chloe in the middle of her Carly vendetta!  Nancy and Craig could match any of the couples on Days right now.  Hmm, get rid of the duds and bring back those two!


    She (Patrika Darbo) has a recurring role on the new (well, it’s starting its second year) net soap, Miss Behave. 


    15 or so years now – and just up until the last year, I was a big fan, but I’ve grown so tired of her that I can’t even watch her anymore, when she comes on, you know she’s going to be bubbly happy, then the next second teary eyed and then next…a screaming meme (or however it’s spelled)…next scene more of the same, after 15 years Sami’s character is so predictable you couldn’t make book in Vegas on her, the bookies don’t bet on a sure thing.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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