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     Okay, yesterday we heard Madeline say to Stefano that if he ever touched her son again, she would have no problem releasing the "tape."  So, here’s where the story lies; and, I must admit, I’m intrigued.  Any comments or opinions as to what’s on that tape, or even if Stefano will allow Madeline to ‘live’ long enough to make good on her threat?  I’m ready to leave some of the current story lines and delve into this one.  


    letter-with-my-lawyer-in-case-anything-ever-happens-to-me.  Otherwise, I’m sure he would just have Guido (or whomever his present goon is) prepare an unfortunate accident for her.  But what the tape contains…I haven’t a clue.

    Speaking of Madeline…would someone PLEASE do something with her hair!!!!  With her long thin face, that flat, straight hairdo is SO unbecoming to her.  (I keep expecting her to whinny!)  Give her some fluff and a hairpiece if necessary.  Heck, pull Kate’s off her bald head even and stick on Maddy.


     So at least it’s not being dropped yet!  I hope they turn this into something good, I think the storyline definitely has the potential.  It definitely has to do with both Kate and Stephano.  And I think maybe one of Kate’s children?  That’s the only thing she’d be this nervous about.  I’m wondering what this tape could be??  A conversation between Stephano & Kate?  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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