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    You know, Troy isn’t such a bad looking guy.  A little on the short side but very attractive.  I wonder if there’s any chance of redeeming him (maybe helping Ari bring down "the big boss."   He just doesn’t look like a ‘bad guy’ to me.

    If Will is going to get involved with Gabby, maybe he could be a good match for Mia.  Whadda ya think?


    Isn’t Troy much older than Mia?  I agree that he’s a good looking guy, but I don’t really see him staying on the canvas much longer than this drug storyline.


    The folks at Days cast someone in a minor role and you just wish they would be a major player/character. I agree, Troy is easy on the eyes and I wish he had a better part. Another character we’ve seen a few times that would be great is the FBI Agent that Rafe is always contacting and working with. I think he has a lot of potential. But, alas, Days will continue to give us minor teen-age characters that really are of no interest to us.


    Sometimes minor roles stay around, but I think right now there is not enough room on canves.  I think Troy would be interesting, but I don’t know what he would do after the drug SL.

    As for teenage kids, in the last year, they have added more adults than teenagers.

    Gabi and Chad (Teens)

    Justin, Carly, Vivian, Nathan, and Ari (Adults)


    I took him to be in his early 20s.  It’s probably not any worse than Philip and Melanie.  There’s gotta be at least 15 years between those two.  Mia is what, 17?  Actually she’s probably too young (maturity wise) for him but I was just trying to come up with someone.


    for the characters we already have.  I would hate to see what they tried to come up with for a NEW story involving a NEW character, which is what Troy would be.  Although, this drug story is so bad and not the least bit interesting, that it might not be too hard.  Of course, the obvious NEW SL would be that he would turn out to be somebody’s long lost son, because heaven forbid the writers could come up with something original. (LOL)


     lost kids, they have problems pairing them up as they end up being related to most of the town in one way or another (by blood or marriages).   I guess that’s why Rafe, Arianna, and Gabi were added to show – they need fresh bloodlines! lol   

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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