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    Ay Carumba! This doc is driving me nuts with the EJ melodrama. Oh he’s going to have a stroke, he’s gonna die if you Sami don’t pretend you’re married!
    Having the mansion searched to find the wedding bands. Letting the kids see him which you just knew Johnny was going to let something slip.
    And this ruse is just going to be played out for a day or two? My foot it is!!
    Should Lexie even be calling the shots? I mean, isn’t she a bit too personally involved?
    I found her way over the top.


    the most but wanna bet that the writers will milk this SL for all it’s worth and we’ll all be throwing pillows at the t.v. again? 


    I have been wondering this for a while. How could she possibly be treating her "BROTHER"??? I don’t work in a hospital, but I know this is just plain wrong. She is tooooooo involved in this case. My god writers, come on.

    My husband watches with me, he thinks Lexi is trying to get Sami back with EJ. If I was Sami….I would tell Lexi to shut up and just walk away, LEAVE the damn hospital with your hunky man (sarcasim here).


    She didn’t even address Roman’s question about EJ manipulating his reactions and the increase in blood pressure. Lexie – all I hear is how she’s SO concerned about her bro! It’s coloring her professional judgment fire engine red!
    Doc, you should not be in charge of this patient!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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