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    This is sooooo ridiculous not telling EJ what happened because his BP might go up.  You NEVER lie to a person in a situation like that no matter how much easier it would be.  I saw a doctor talk about that on one of the medical reality shows and they said their policy is to ALWAYS tell the patient the situation, no matter how bad.  They talked about a woman who’s entire family was killed in a car crash while she survived.  When she came to they told her that nobody else survived.  Of course she was devastated but she didn’t have a stroke. 

    So, just maybe, they ought to take a page out of real life and tell EJ what’s going on.  I can’t believe it would make his BP spike enough to give him a stroke.  Puh-leeze!!!  Of course little Johnny told him the truth! 


     aahhh…heehee…I’m so..haahaa…sorry…Bonbon!  Whewww…hehe…I can’t stop…(snort)..laughing at your heading!  Haha…"get….real….heehee…writers."  Tha’t a good one!!!  


     right now than I even am with E.J.’s faking his memory loss.  Practically demanding that Sami go along with this farce in the first place is about as unprofessional as a doc can be.  The whole thing from insisting she remove Rafe’s engagement ring, pretending her and E.J. were married, to wearing her bands from E.J., to even insisting she go into that room let along stay calm, don’t raise your voice, don’t let him know anything, was just about the most unprofessional, immoral behavior for her.  Guess we can’t expect much more from a quack who declared 80% of Salem dead at one time.


    I posted the same thing on a separate thread. Nice to know I’m not the only one turned off by Lexie’s attitude toward this.


    be "damned" if it’s a bunnyshin story line!  There is only so much "fantasy" we fans can take! 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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