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    With what Leo had done to Nancy, but yet, Clyde is willing to help Leo by making something disappear is highly unlikely, given that Philip’s leg was found, what
    happens with whatever Clyde is getting rid of for Leo ends up found that could
    link Leo to the murder sight & if Leo is a red herring, would we seeing this,
    wouldn’t we be seeing Clyde planting it at Lucas’ motel room instead of getting
    rid of it ? 1. Leo had the means 2. Leo had the motive 3. Leo has the weapon.
    4. Gwen told him how to use it. 5. He lied to Gwen in not being there. 6. One perception, two perception, 3 ( meaning, the content of the photos a time ago had a Kiriakis fired for sexual harassment, but wouldn’t be any fallout without what had gotten the content). 2 perception: the attempted murder charges, yet again, with out what had gotten the content, there would be no charges. then a Kiriakis is rendered out cold, he’s stripped & the contentonce again is sent to a Kiriakis-in-law & yet they refuse to even show & explain how a Kiriakis was rendered unconscious & stripped 7. Then we see who gets rid of something for Leo. Then no stories whatsoever to explain the absence of many characters is also another thing.

    You tell how exactly is he a red herring????!!

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