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    Thankfully, May sweeps is going to reveal Kristin to Brady, she’ll go back to prison, Susan will go back to TN, and Brady will be done with Kristin so Stacy Haiduk is done as Kristin and Susan. This awful story will end, but I wonder if we’ll get Sarah back?


    This is great news! I can’t wait for Kristin to be gone and for Brady to be rid of her, hopefully once and for all, so thank you for this welcome information. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that Sarah comes back, too. I never heard if Linsey Godfrey was open to coming back as Sarah, and I really hope she is the one to play Sarah, but at least bring the character back–please.


    Thank goodness I am so sick of Kristen….I like Susan, she is welcome to stay but Kristen gets on my last nerve.


    Brady is some dumb that whenever Kristen comes back, he’d probably still take her back. I thought Stacy was a good recast for Eileen, but this has been unwatchable this Susan storyline. Speaking of more dumb, today (Thursday) we see Kate gagged in the sound proof room. I found that odd because everyone else that’s been a prisoner down there hasn’t needed that since, well it’s soundproof. Kind of odd, but I did happen to notice that today.


    There are also spoilers out there that say that Gwen miscarries. I think that’s what we saw at the end of Thursday’s show. However, she will revert to her sinister ways and start a fight with Abigail at the top of the Dimera mansion stairway and will fall down the stairs. She will go to the hospital and it will be confirmed that she had a miscarriage. This will provide the perfect scenario for her to set up Abigail as having caused the miscarriage by pushing her down the stairs.

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    I can’t wait for Kristen to be gone for good. I want Brady to tell her he is filing for divorce and sole custody of their baby. I want him granted sole custody and for her to have a hopelessly long sentence.

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