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    On July 26, 2022. Sonny brings up to Gabi of a company in London, that Titan was looking into was scooped by someone. Then at the end of the episode, Sonny’s brother shows up & is welcomed home by Sonny in the next episode. He brings up that he wants to work with his brother at Titan. With how Sonny had brought up that some had scooped up a business that he was looking into & then learning that his brother wants to work with him at Titan. It isn’t that far of a leap that Gabi had a mole that scooped up that business that Sonny had brought up to her & yet on July 27’s episode, he’s willing to allow his brother to work with him. Even Helen Keller can see that that the mole of Gabi’s is Alex & Sonny has no clue at all, now does he?, So why is there a need to allow Alex into Titan if there’s a chance that Alex is working for DeMira? I had read of what Tinker had put out there that it will be a wild ride & that the character will have back-bone, if that’s true, where is that back-bone to think that his brother stabbed him the back by giving that London Company to Gabi?

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