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    Kate needs to put a sack on her head.  She has never looked worse!


    If you are referring to Kate’s hair, I don’t care for it either.

    On a lighter note, it was kind of funny seeing her act jealous today.  No love lost between Kate and Vivian apparently.


    Whether those streaks and/or highlights are real or not, they are not the least bit flattering to Lauren Koslow, who, despite how much I dislike Kate Roberts, is a very attractive woman.  Her hair should be put back to one color and styled.  I think she would look 100% better.  Maybe they think they need to match the hair to the character.  In that case, they are doing a brilliant job … IT’S GHASTLY! (LOL)


     Add her outfit yesterday too….Man she has the ugliest clothes.  Looks like she gets dressed in the dark.  I really cant stand that grey jacket she has with that faux fur collar, that has to be the hideous thing I’ve ever seen!   She also wears too much jewerly.    Poor Kate she just needs a complete makeover. 


    She looks like a freakin’ pirate. Everytime I see what she’s wearing I think of Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Carribean. Hideous! She doesn’t have to dress like an old granny, but honestly, why don’t they put something on her that looks less comical. OMG, just glanced up and she looks like Count Dracula in drag.


    I know I am in the minority here, but I love Kate’s fashion sense.  It’s over the top and the streaks in the hair are a bit much but I love that she dresses sexy but not slutty for a 50ish woman.  I was always bored with all the same old same old styles that Marlena and the 50’s set were wearing.  I always look forward to Kate’s wild fashions.  Please don’t flame me!


    I always thought the way Kate (is being)dressed looks like a not-quite-high-classed hooker. The business suits looked like cocktail suits and the jewelry was way too much.


    There was nothing wrong with Marlena’s fashion sense. She was classic.

    Ms. Jake

    I think the way she dresses reflects  her dark personality. She’s high style punk. Ok….look at Vivian!!! Now there’s a wild wacky woman! Bird calling no less!


    I agree that Marlena dressed classic and appropriate.  I just got bored of the sweaters and pant suits.  I know most people hate Kate’s clothes but I like them.  I have to agree with you about the over the top jewelry and the streaks in the hair as well.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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