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    Good to see Carrie and Sami having a civil conversation. It’s going to be so sad when everyone comes for Alice’s funeral.

    I hate that EJ and Sami are kissing.


    Elvis and Sam-Sam kiss?! Wooooo-whooooooooooooooo! I can’t wait.


    I wonder when Carrie comes back if they’ll be bringing their baby with them or leave it with a babysitter.


    – Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) – June 10th

    – Maree Cheatham (Marie) – June 11th

    – Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura) – June 15th

    – John Martin (Bill) – June 15th

    – Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) – June 18th

    – Lisa Trusel (Melissa) – June 18th

    – Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) – June 21st

    – Christie Clark (Carrie) – June 23rd

    – Roark Critchlow (Mike) – June 23rd

    – Alice dies – June 22nd

    – Alice’s funeral – June 23rd, 24th and 25th

    I thought Patsy was returning as Kimberly, but she was not listed on final list.  Maybe the actress is ill, or maybe she is not included because of the storyline involving her Leukemia and Bo going to donate his bone marrow.  In any case, she was not on the final list of returnees.


     Updated list adds her returning June 23rd.  Also, there is a notation stating that these dates may be one day off due to scheduled pre-emptions.  Here’s another interesting notation; Alice’s actual funeral will be off-screen.  Only the memorial service will be shown.   Shame on you Days!


    Seems like they’ve been doing more memorial services.  If I remember it was an off screen funeral for Mickey and a memorial type of gathering at the house. 


     I don’t remember Carrie having a baby, did I miss something?


    "attend" Alice’s funeral – what is the matter with you "Day’s"????????????  What they couldn’t get the set back for the graveyard, couldn’t afford flowers, couldn’t get the actors to cry on cue, WHAT?  Once again, I’m very disappointed in the show to do this to the fans.  Memorial is one thing but the funeral…it’s like being invited to the reception, but not the wedding!


    After Carrie and Austin moved to Switzerland or wherever they are Carrie got pregnant.  When Anna came back the last time before they found Tony she was gushing about and I think she went to Switzerland to be with Carrie when the baby was born.  At least I think it was Anna that went, it might have been Kate.  It was around the time Kate had cancer.


     what I remembered was: Carrie could not have children. There was something physically wrong with her that she found out after Sami was blackmailing Lexie into saying any children she had would have major problems.   


    Sami blackmailed Lexi into saying any kids Carrie had with Austin would have physical problems due to a problem with their blood types.  Carrie later found out Sami blackmailed Lexi and she reported Lexie and disowned Sami and her and Austin moved to Switzerland where they had their own baby.


    The promo shows everyone at the cemetery putting flowers on the coffin and a huge picture of Alice. So there must be more to it than just a memorial service, right?


    I think more and more families are opting for a memorial service rather than an actual funeral.  I don’t know why but I can see pros and cons for both. 


    I’ve been to 2 memorial services and they were done that way over a funeral because family was spread out so far it took a while to get everyone there.  Of course both were cremated so that made it a lot easier to plan something.

    My mother-in-law was from Kansas City, Mo but she moved to Sandpoint, Idaho a few years before she died.  She had family in Idaho, Kentucky, California, Alabama and the Kansas City area.  Most couldn’t get there until the following week.  My husband and nephew drove the 4000 miles in 2 1/2 days one way and the same coming home.  Some flew there and other’s drove but even flying the closest airport was several hours from where she lived. 



    but tons of flashbacks with all returnees; however, due to the pre-emption for the President’s update on the BP oil spill, previously listed dates are now moved up one day.  Here is the revised update (assuming no other pre-emptions will surface between now and then:

    Thursday, June 10:  Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) returns;

    Friday, June 11: Maree Cheatham (Marie) returns;

    Tuesday, June 15: Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura) returns;

    Tuesday, June 15: John Martin (Bill) first airs;

    Friday, June 18: Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) returns;

    Friday, June 18: Lisa Trusel (Melissa) returns;

    Monday, June 21: Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) returns;

    Wednesday, June 23: Christie Clark (Carrie) returns;

    Wednesday, June 23: Roark Critchlow (Mike) returns;

    Wednesday, June 23: Alice Horton passes away;

    Thursday, June 24: Patsy Pease (Kimberly) returns;

    Friday, June 25: Alice’s Memorial Service.

    Just a further note – Wednesday, June 23: Taylor Spreitler (Mia) last airs


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