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    What I find a little suspicious is that they solely focus on Jan’s word that
    this child is Shawn’s, don’t you think?

    This pertains to EJ & Shawn: Why doesn’t EJ know that Marlena’s Satan was the one that morphed Jan into Belle & why was there no story at all that would have EJ to believe
    that Shawn morphed Jan into Belle?

    Then this: All Shawn is doing is putting who he thinks his child first & he’s being treated as if he’s Charles Manson. No one has any clue that the child isn’t his.

    This pertains to Lucas: When everyone thought that Will was dead, Lucas was soused to the gills but yet he was never violent to anyone & yet, they keep putting out there that it was Lucas who did it?

    The writers know very well as to what they are writing for Rikaart’s Leo. They know very well that the story calls for Leo to have an enemy list, getting rid of anyone who had Craig leaving him at the altar. He planted the secret drag life of Chad in the Spectator, then he drugged Sonny. stripped him & sent the content to Will, then sometime ago, the perception of the photos to put the sexual harassment into play, then the perception of the photos when it came to the attempted murder charges, so it’s plausible that Leo slashed Lucas’ hand to let him think he did it. They did have Leo stealing Abs’ jewels, he crosses Abs’ name off of his list, he gives the jewels to Clyde to fence, they did have Clyde giving a piece of Abs’ jewelry to Nancy, Clyde stows the jewels into the pub’s safe, then Nancy plays up to Chloe & Brady that Chloe’s name is on the enemy list. They had Leo lie to Gwen that he wasn’t in Abs’ bedroom, he had the weapon, he was told of how to use the weapon & when he hid, he still had the weapon, & you tell me how the monster that JJ & Chad were talking about wasn’t Leo & that they are talking about Lucas. When on the soapsheknows Days page of Lucas’ shocking confession may end up being behind Sami’s abduction.

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