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    WOW—Judi looke fantastic!! So much better than when she last left Salem after buying the bar. Also much better than her  Bonnie days!!! Glad to see her again.  Always loved her as Paulina on Another World


     between Justin and Adrienne even after all this time.  How about we keep Adrienne and dump Carly????  Maybe Anna and EJ could make Carly the Sydnapper?? lol


    loved her hair back to blonde instead of that gawd-awful red she had during the Tinda Lau mess.  She looks terrific in that short cut, too.  I would love to see her and Justin reconcile.  At least he would stop sniffing after Hope, who has gently, yet firmly, told Justin that there could not and would not ever be anything more between them than just friends. 


    I’d be all for that!!


    Judy Evans is an incredible actress and she looks GREAT. She and Wally definitely had the old vibes going and this pairing should be kept up.  They are certainly a hot couple who may have issues, but at least they are each more reasonable adults and could be more fun than any other couple. Bo and Hope need to be together, and Adrienne would not be a consolation prize for Justin, but a real pairing. Right now every other couple on the show is deeply flawed, It would be a change to have a solid couple who is grappling with real issues and working like adults to deal with them.


    I would love to keep Adrienne and dump Carly.  Carly just has not fit into ‘Days’ at all, and I truly hate that she has Bo wrapped around her.  Give us more Adrienna and less ‘evil eyes’ Carly.





    I totally agree.  Carly is just an awful match for Bo or anyone else.  She just doesn’t fit it and I so want Bo & Hope back together.  Justin and Hope have absolutely no chemistry, however, Justin and Adrienne are wonderful together.  Please keep Adrienne and ship Carly off somewhere…anywhere!


    that Carly’s eyes are so creepy.  She’s always squinting and frowning and giving that "evil eye".  I usually ff’d through the scenes with Bo and Carly.  I just can’t stomach watching them together.


    Yep, let’s have Justin and Adrienne get back together!  I watched days when they first got together – a long time ago!!  Carly and Bo – no chemistry – but tired of the craziness of Bo and Hope! 


    I cannot bear to watch any of the Bo/Carly scenes.  That is not "my" Bo…the whole thing is ridiculous.  His character has not only been changed, it has been assasinated!!!  Writers seem to have no sense of history or character development. Sad. 


    I so agree with all of you that Carly does not belong with Bo, (Hope does).  Once the "real" Bo comes back, he and Hope will be together again!  I feel it!  So Justin and Adrienne will start their lives together again.  And all will be well with at least two of our Salem couples.

    Now, something I’ve been thinking about for a few days now regarding Carly.  Wouldn’t it be a hoot to watch Carly get some how together again (but not really) with Victor and watch Vivy just dissolve into a puddly mess.  Those two women could go at each other and they’d also keep Victor spouting his great lines forever being between them.   I haven’t figured out the details on how Victor would ever accept Carly as his "paramour" – perhaps he tries to keep Mel safe from Viv and this way would also insure that Phillip would get close to him again?  And while Vivy and Carly are busy duking it out – Victor actually gets back together with Caroline for real!  This way we get Caroline back into our story lines (she’s been stuck in the kitchen and upstairs at the pub far toooooooo long).  And she’s about due for a romance, and who better than her old flame Victor? 

    This could also make an interesting SL for Bo’s acceptance of his mother and real father.  It  would tie in several characters in a SL.  Like I said…just thinking.

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