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    Way over time, in fact.  We haven’t had a slap line in a good long time and it’s definitely time to send Melanie through one.  You would think that Chloe had committed the worst crime in the world against her father and something he couldn’t possible continue to live through without knowing about it.  When Carly told her to grow up I said…"YESSSS!!!"  That’s exactly what she needs to do.  Good grief, Daniel isn’t the first person who’s "girlfriend" (they weren’t even engaged yet) cheated on him.  I suppose she’d absolutely die if Chloe had done it after they were married.  She is blowing this way out of proportion.

    So, if you were Melanie, what would you do that a normal moral/rational person would do.  I think I’d tell Chloe that she should tell Daniel and until she does, she will not be including her in any family functions.  When Daniel asked her (Mel) what was going on, she should tell him that only Chloe can tell him.


    "sleep" partner was…she will be doing a lot more than a slap! 


     I say save yourself the grief, girl, cause your worst nightmare is yet to come.  Secrets ALWAYS have a way of coming out sooner or later, and your husband’s is far worse for you.


    Carly pointed out her dear ol’ dad had a torrid affair w/Chloe when she was married to Lucas.


    I have issues with Melanie calling Chloe a whore. Excuse me–isn’t that what Melanie was? I also have issues with characters on this show calling out others on their morality when they don’t exactly have the best morals. As I recall, Melanie was videotaped w/Phillip when she was with Nathan. She also is the one that set this whole thing in motion by kissing Nathan when she was married to Phillip. Her reasoning for kissing him was lame too. She is getting on my nerves once again.


    I mentioned on another thread that Melanie is so obessed with Daniel she feels that it her duty to make sure he is happy. Since day one, she has been opposed to Daniel marrying Chloe cause she wasn’t good enough. I applauded Carly when she told Mel that she was jealous of Chloe and the love that Daniel had for her. And you are right, Melanie has been a player for a long time. WHat she doesn’t get is SHE is the one that will hurt Daniel. Sometimes, the truth is better left unsaid.  If Daniel finds out, he sould do it without mealnie’s help. Philip is right, often the messenger is shot.


    I sort of agree with you, but at the same time, why should – if and when Daniel finds out – he do it WITHOUT Mel’s help, when Chloe’s wrongdoings have been KEPT secret from him, with a WHOLE LOT OF HELP (Phil, Carly, Nathan, etc, etc,)?!

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