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    She’s supposed to be an investigative reporter and she’s standing in the middle of a huge story and not doing any filming or interviewing?  A "real" reporter would kill for that opportunity.


    simple: because she’s too busy trying to destroy Ari, so that she can dig her claws into Brady.


     all the while feeding Hope and Brady set-up evidence to sink Ari further and further, I wanted to literally kick her in the face.  I hate Nicole once again.  Her good days as Mrs. DiMera are over and done with and she is back to the pond scum she always was for me.  She should still be in jail, with Anna on one side of her and E.J. on the other, and for the life of me I don’t understand how these incompetent writers think this is entertaining.  I need E.J. to find her and give her what she deserves.  I hope he comes to Ari’s defense and realizes that Nicole set her up and somehow takes her down (and out is okay for me, too).  Of course, I want Nicole to do the same to E.J. so all of this nonsense with the sydnapping can be over, done with, gone.  As for Anna, she may or may not recover from being poisoned, but get me back to South America where I can at least begin to enjoy an upcoming new adventure between Rafe and Shane.  Now that’s my cup of tea, with a little honey thrown in.


    I was going to say that I’m in the "I hate Nicole" club in a post but I figured I’d be in the minority and get slammed for it.  Nicole is an evil "w"itch – I can find no redeeming social or humane qualities in her to ever think that she would be a decent person.  She’s been a money grubbing – well, enough said.  I’m tired of her and her schemes.  At least Hope was good at one time and is going through a mental crisis and that is a twist on her character that makes it interesting…Nicole is consistent in her evilness schemes and imoral plottings.


    I wonder if Nicole hadn’t miscarried and gone down the path of baby switching would she have really changed with the love of EJ and the family life she never had.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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