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    So, I guess that’s it for Shane and Kim.  Boy, that didn’t last long.  Well, at least we got to see some of Shane before with Rafe.  I wonder if now he might be amenable to return once in a while like Kim does.  Keep your fingers crossed.

    A comment about today’s show.  Boy, did you get a look at Will’s pecs?  He looks like he has implants!!!  Pretty impressive for a kid that age.  He must spend a LOT of time at the gym.



    about Will on the beach but since you brought it up Bonbon, my goodness gracious – for a teenager – he has either been working out –  OR…I thought he had implants too – and that’s not so far fetched.  

    It’s the thing now days and not just for the 18 year old girls (that’s the "new" car gift at h.s. graduation from mommy and daddy for the girls here in California), so I guess if you are an actor, and know you are going to have to take off your shirt for scenes…Chad looks more like the 18 year olds I’ve seen on the beach or at the pool…


    Dunno either way but yeah he had more going on than the other 2 guys.

    I guess it’s that time of year when the younger set will be scantily clad for the next couple of months…



     etc., in another topic, I’ll divert my attention to Kim and Shane.  At least she was a lot more tolerable in her departure scene than she was all the while she was home.  I think I read somewhere where there are plans for brief future returns for both of them, but no idea when or why.  


    Chad definitely shaves his chest.  Did you see how hairy his legs were?  No way he has no hair on that chest.  Will probably shaves his chest and his legs.  Gross.


    in her heyday, so I have to ask if the actress has always looked like that.  It looked like it was difficult for her to speak with her mouth almost stretched too tight.  I mean no offense, but it just didn’t look normal.


    I think she’s had some work done but she has always had a huge mouth.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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