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    And that’s a huge statement coming from me.  I’m still a day or so behind but I’ve been catching up over the last few days.

    Hope is just being a dog in the manger.  She doesn’t want Bo.  If she did, she’d be AT HOME, working on her marriage, not living somewhere else and treating Bo like a piece of crap and tormenting him.  She doesn’t want him but she doesn’t want anybody else (ie Carly) to have him either.

    I’m not really into another Bo-Carly go-round again either – but I’ve had it to the eyeballs with Hope’s behavior.  She’s all over Bo for helping Carly, but it’s OK for her to get all up-close and personal with Justin?  Talk about a double-standard.  

    She keeps teasing him with the notion of coming home, then changes her mind.

    If she was really interested in putting her marriage back together, she would be AT HOME, fightnig for her man, not running away like a wounded puppy every time Carly crosses paths with Bo.  Rather, she is expecting Bo to jump through hoops and put everything aside for Hope, but she’s not willing to give anything back in return.  Not fair.

    Yes, Bo could be doing more and put his foot down where Carly is concerned – so he’s not totally blameless, but the way it’s been written so far, the poor guy can’t do anything right in Hope’s eyes.  If I were in his shoes, I’d want to stop trying too.

    After one episode I just watched, Carly admits that she’s fallen in love with Bo again (as if we didn’t see that coming)… Bo should not be hopping into a new relationship (or an old one) if it’s over with Hope – at least not so soon.  If his marriage is over, he needs some time.  If it’s not over, he needs to put some distance between him and Carly either way – but Hope needs to get over herself and decide what and whom she wants.

    I’m sick of hearing her, and sick of watching her play head games.



    They are ruining Bope and really making Hope in particular look like an insecure teenager rather than the confident woman we are supposed to believe she is.  I liked Carly back in the day but she has no place with Bo now.   Hope has failed to get her family together every step of the way.  There have been numerous opportunities for them to at least have an adult conversation and they just rehash the same stuff over and over.  They either need a marriage counselor or a divorce lawyer pronto.


    It seems that every time they hit a conflict anymore, this is the way it goes.  Then it’s an excuse for one or the other or both to seek "comfort" with someone else… Billie, Patrick… now Carly, Justin…

    You’re right – Carly has no place with Bo now.  I wouldn’t mind her sticking around to figure out the thing with her daughter or whatever, or make a new life.  I like Crystal Chappel but I don’t want to see Carly paired with Bo right now (or possibly EVER).  I might be open to it if they finally kill off Bo and Hope as a couple, put some time and space between them all, and bring it back around the right way – but I doubt that would happen either – so I’d prefer that they ALL just go about their lives, alone for a while.

    Marriage counseling is only worthwhile if both parties are willing to take the advise and put it into practice.  Both Bo and especially Hope are too set and stubborn – I can’t see Hope listening to anybody’s advice. Bo maybe, but he’d probably take exception if he was told that he had to cut off all contact with Carly – and that’s what a decent counsellor would advise.



    I would be open to the storyline of marriage counseling if they did it in a realistic way.  I think it would be compelling to bring in a new character A la Marlena to counsel them and help them work through the Zack and Chelsea and Billie stuff.  I agree with you about the whole cheating and then getting back together thing, that can’t keep happening if they want Bo and Hope to stay together.  It was fine when we thought Hope was "dead" but not when they are both alive and kicking.


    This round in circles, tedious, reptetitious B&H story is doing exactly what I’d think the Days brass wouldn’t want – for viewers to wash their hands of this pair.
    Why are they doing this? Just as an excuse to put Carly w/Bo and Hope w/Justin?
    Hope acting the victim is pathetic. Let her show some spunk and maybe I’ll start caring again.


    Julie should be staying in Salem.  She doesn’t have official training, but she’s got a lifetime’s worth of personal experience.  Julie could counsel without having to utilize another background set for a Dr. office! 


    and I don’t understand why these one-track mind writers can’t come up with a storyline for them other than their annual separation.  Get them back working together solving crimes and catching the bad guys.  They would have been perfect for this stupid kidnapping storyline, working with Rafe, Roman and maybe the FBI.  So many opportunities to really watch them shine instead of this ridiculous quadrangle with 4 actors I happen to love, all now getting on everyone’s nerves due to throwing them together in a love quadrangle that will undoubtedly come out with Bo and Hope getting back together, but leaving a black mark on Justin and Carly.  So, put your thinking cap on your little brains, writing team, and start to come up with some originality for your next big storyline.  Hey, here’s an idea:  how about something that is character-driven instead of plot driven?  That might be nice.


    Hope, FIGHT for your man!  Don’t just move out of the house and give him to Carly!


    If she fought for him she wouldn’t be able to use Carly as an excuse to sleep with Justin. 


    As a new member of the board I hope I don’t offend anyone with my very strong views, but I personally am over Bo.  While I think Hope should have stayed and fought for her marriage instead of moving out, I wholeheartedly disagree with Bo and his disgusting, cheating ways.  It’s as if the man can’t be alone for 2 minutes with out needing the ego boosting attention from a female.  Allowing an ex – whatever Carly is – into his home to stay is disturbing enough for a STILL married man; but kissing her is down right repulsive and yes immoral.  He’s married and as such should show his wife (and for that matter his daughter) some respect and consideration.  If you want to fool around than have the courage to sit down and tell Hope your marriage is over before kissing your ex in the home you shared (as of late) with your wife of how many years???  Anyhow, that’s just my 2 cents.  I don’t care how wishy washy Hope was in the past and that it was she who moved out of their home – that doesn’t negate the fact that they are still married.  Period.  Bo owed Hope the courtesy and consideration of an adult conversation about formally ending their marriage before laying his lips on Carly.  Man up Bo!


    Carly and Justin!!!!


    made the effort to return to Bo and he rejected her.  When she said, "If this was a movie…" he should have taken that as a hint to take her in his arms as she suggested and everything could have been all better.  But, no…this time it was Bo who did the turning away.  So, I don’t think we can continue to blame Hope for not "fighting for her man."

    But as everybody else feels, I’m so tired of this storyline that I don’t even care anymore what happens.

    BTW, why does everybody think Hope is going to cheat with Justin?  Is that a spoiler or just speculation.  It seems everybody it taking it as fact.


    I was shocked at today’s show after all of Bo’s protesting that he wanted Hope back.  They are both in the wrong though and both to blame.


    viewers to wish for Bo and Hope to stabllize the marriage, when neither one of them seem to really care.  They seem to be in a race to the destruction of their marriage.   Bo should send Carly away from his house and his arms, and he should concentrate on HIS family, not Carly’s.   Bo and Hope seem to be on a Mid-life crisis MerryGoRound with no desire to get off.



    I have been thinking this same thing.  Hope is driving me insane.  She pushes him away and then she expects him to just jump when she says jump.  You can tell that Bo is so hurt and she doesn’t see it.  How can you not see the hurt in someone you love.

    Then I saw her talking with Sami.  I am sorry, but Hope has NO clue what would happen if she got her way with the kidnapping situation.  She has no clue what those crazies would have done.  So I think she is being stupid blaming Bo for everything.  Plus, Ciara would have been damaged from one day or two weeks.  So to think Ciara would be good and have no issues if Hope got her in a day, she is fooling herself.

    I don’t get why Hope has to add salt to the wound all the time.  She is famous for that.  Bo is sad and hurt about Ciara and the kidnapping, so lets take his daughter away from.  That is the smart move.  Maybe Ciara would get over it quicker if Hope wouldn’t have taken her away from her FATHER!!!

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