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    I thought when Stephano found EJ with a gunshot to his head, there was a gun beside EJ. The implication being that he shot himself. Am I making this up? If not, how did they go from self-inflicted gunshot wound to attempted murder?

    And honestly, who but Sami had any motive to kill EJ at this particular time in the SL? Well, maybe Nicole. But certainly, all eyes would be on Sami.


    From my understanding, after Sami shot EJ, she took the gun and threw it into a field or water (I’m not really sure)…I guess so that – if authorities were to look for fingerprints on the gun – no one would find out her prints are on the gun.


    She disposed of it down at the Pier but we didn’t hear it "splash" into the water.



     in most instances Sami’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, but that was even more stupid on her part to throw the gun away (which we know they will probably find at some point, unless she did throw it in the Salem River).  She could have just as easily shot him, wiped the gun clean of hers and his prints, then, using the bedclothes, placed the gun back into his hand so that only his prints would be on it and then simply placed it in a position on or near him, which would have indicated a suicide attempt.  Guess they prefer the drama of yet another ‘whodoneit?’  


    pays him for, he would start to do forensics on the hands of the suspects (especially Sami) – gun powder can stay on the hands even after taking a shower…and also sweep the crime scene.  They are going to find Sami all over as it was her room, but even if they rule Sami out, they’d still first thing is contain the crime scene for any evidence.


    And they had done forensics, they would have found that Arianna had not attack Roman, as none of his DNA was on the flashlight that had her prints on it.  but we expect any reality???


    forensics could have determined by how much gun powder was at the entry wound and would show that he was shot from further away than his arm could have reached.  But would Sami even know that?  And the mind doesn’t always think of the most logical solutions when under that much stress.

    I discovered that when my next door neighbor had cut her wrists.  I found her and when I called 911, believe it or not, I could not tell them my address.  My mind was just a complete blank.  Thank God they can tell where you’re calling from. 

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