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    Let’s see…

    EJ was "the glove" – he put John in a coma for how long?  

    He put Lucas in a refrigerated truck.

    He raped Sami.

    He kidnapped his own daughter to exact revenge on Sami.

    I’m sure there’s plenty more but that’s what comes to mind off the top of my head.  Feel free to add more of his misdeeds.

    He’s hurt how many people close to Sami?  And Sami herself…in some of the worst ways humanly possible…

    And people still want to see Sami with this guy?  Why?

    If you had a loved one living with/married to a domestic abuser, would you still want them to stay with him/her, because they looked good together?  

    I never liked Jennifer with Jack either – Jack raped Jen, and I never could figure out how a rape victim could wind up married to her attacker (and Jack has been a total numbskull ever since.  Love Matt Ashford, but Jack is a total dweeb and Jen deserved/deserves WAY better).

    I know "soapland" is different from real life… but how anybody can wish for the abused to be with their abuser "happily ever after" still baffles me.




    not for the rape of course, but for her continuing to be mesmerized by this guy. And the writers are at the top of the D-List by having Sami bear 2 kids w/ this son of Steph who proclaims he’s nothing like his father, but the apple has fallen ever so close to the tree.


    Jack didn’t rape Jennifer, he raped Kayla.  He fought his feelings for Jen because of that and sought couseling for his past and apologized to Kayla before getting together with Jennifer.  It still amazes me how they can change a person’s personality overnight on this show.  I’m not saying it can’t happen in the real world but it’s not as simple as TV makes it.  It’s rarely a "light bulb" moment and they’re changed forever. 


    That’s my mistake – you’re correct.

    We do agree though, that it is amazing how they can completely redeem a scumbag, at least enough to become a "respected" member of Salem society.

    I don’t recall if he was ever charged/convicted of that – if so he’d have to register everywhere… somehow I don’t think it ever went to that (anybody?).

    Still, the one consistent thing about Jack, he’s selfish.  Everything he ever did was self-serving, and while they tried to make the character "loveable" – I found him to be infuriating and I could never figure what Jen saw in him.  He let her have the short end of the stick so many times…

    I do like Matt Ashford, and I even liked the comedic relief at times that Jack provided, but never really liked Jack and Jen as a couple.  I didn’t like Jen with Peter Blake either… but that’s a whole other post, and I’m glad that Peter Blake seems to be gone forever off the canvas, along with Kristen and her gang of wacky look-alikes. (Knock on wood!)



    And she just seems to fall into bed (voluntarily or otherwise) with any and every man that looks at her.  That’s how she has all these kids – none of them was "planned".  I guess Stephanie is the only one in Salem that’s ever heard of family planning ;)

    Sami needs a big dose of self-esteem so she can think enough of herself to stay away from all these losers.

    I do like her with Rafe.  I didn’t watch a whole lot of the safe house storyline, but at least from what I did see, he’s smart enough to stay a step ahead of her, accepts her for who she is, flaws and all, and isn’t trying to manipulate her – nor did it seem like she was trying to manipulate him.

    She’s still supposedly in love with him, but it’s pretty easy for her to fall into a lip-lock with EJ.  That’s not a woman in love.  A woman in love wouldn’t even *think* of anybody else in that way.



    Sami is afraid to be alone. She is a strong woman who could definitely manage–she hasn’t had a job in who knows how long yet has the latest clothes, etc. But she always needed to have a man.  She feels that she isincharge but she is naive, especially where EJ is concerned. She’s not very good at picking them, either! But she always seems to be involeved in a trangle.


    For all the reasons you mentioned. He’s bad and I don’t care what kind of chemistry they have, he’s a criminal. Would you want your daughter to be involved with a criminal who raped her? I wouldn’t.



     I hope you were joking, because the only planning Stephanie did was to trick Nathan into staying with her once he knew she was pregnant.  Or, we could look at it as Stephanie was planning a family all right, only she decided not to tell Nathan about it beforehand.  LOL — some plan! 


    Sami doesn’t work, she lives off men or her mother, or the fathers of her children.  Sami has been married four times in her short 33 year old life (all the marriages annulled) so the next time she walks down the isle – it could be in the Church.  Although with children involved, I really don’t see how all of her marriages could have been annulled). 

    Sami has been chasing men since she was 15 years old and she has "caught" them to one degree or another.  She is a little girl still in love with playing house with someone and having little dolls (her children) to play with.  The second real life adult problems hit, she is out of there. 

    I like Sami because she’s been there so long and had such possiblities but now she is like an old piece of furniture. To be fair she (Sami) can be interesting (when Alison played Colleen and when Grace passed she was great  to just name two stories that come to mind).  I don’t miss Sami when she’s not on the show.  But if the writer’s don’t change the character and let Sami grow up after repeating the same pattern of her life,i.e., I love that man, I don’t love that man, I love that man…  Well, I’m going to start to FF through all her scenes because I can predict what she’s going to do and how she reacts to every situation…it’s mind numbing! 

    If they would only give Sami an adventure story – like for instance she goes and finds Rafe and get’s him out of jail and saves him and they have to fight together to get back to Salem.  Now something like that would hold my interest.  The older stories when Bo and Hope went to Mexico, the Cruise of Deception, the Ireland trip, those were great! 


    Isn’t Sami a criminal too?  She has done her fair share of illegal things to other people…..   I think they are perfect together because they are both selfish and "evil"


    Bill raped Laura, Jack raped Kayla, Lawrence raped Jennifer, Alan AND EJ raped Sami, Uncle Eric raped Kimberly, Ford raped Stephanie, Luke raped Laura…OOPS!, wrong soap!


    Both EJ and Sami have done their evil deeds! Sami RAPED Austin…EJ simply SUGGESTED  a little sexual activity from Sami, in order to save Lucas’ life! With all that said, these two are totally  MEANT for each other! They’ve got some of the BEST/HOTTEST/ROMANTIC chemistry on the show! I really enjoy seeing them together, even when they’re at each other’s throats! Rafe’s a nice guy, but he just doesn’t DO IT for me in the chemistry department with Sami. Either the writers find a way to KEEP Sami and EJ together, or…or…BRING BACK LUCAS OR BRANDON!


    Sami deserves EJ, and vice versa. Each is disgusting and absolutely devoid of any moral compus. The sole motivator for each character is whatever selfish desire he/she has at the moment. I hope they make each other completely and totally miserable for a very, very long time. Rafe is much too good for Sami; he should find someone worthy of him.


    Those who said it are right Sami is a damn fool. EJ is soooo wrong for her on soooo many levels. All the evil things he did to her before she even hid her pregnancy were uncalled for. I blame the writers for keeping him in her orbit especually with children (one from rape) and causing viewers to tune out. I get it some think there is some unmatched chemistry, but personally I don’t see it. I guess I have to actually not be disgusted by this pairing to see any kind of chemistry.


    Yes of course my comment was tongue-in-cheek.  I find it ironic that Stephanie was trying to trick/trap Nathan by tossing her BCPs… when all the other women in Salem seem to just throw caution to the wind and wind up pregnant left and right.


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