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    When I got up this morning it was only 52° outside!  Brrrr….  And I figured all this cold must be coming from Patti’s snow up north.  Are you buried again?  Let’s stop all this nonsense and get back to our regularly scheduled weather, okay?  (I can’t afford this ridiculous electric bill!!!)


    with 30.5" recorded for my area from this past weekend’s storm, and another foot to 16" predicted for tomorrow and Wednesday.  I may not get out until spring.  So far we’re managing.  52 degrees sounds great to me.  We hit 9 degrees last night.  Thank God the power didn’t go out.  I’ll report back in after this next dumping is over, but honestly, I really, really, really wish I was there! (LOL)!  Thanks for checking in with me.


    It was 44 degrees where I was last night and I thought that was cold, so I can’t imagine 9!!!!  Well I can because I used to live up North and I wouldn’t have done what I did last night in 9 degree weather.

    I was on the space coast watching the shuttle launch.  We were in our sleeping bags for about 3 1/2 hours waiting for it.  It wasn’t too bad, but man was my nose cold!!!!  Luckily our sleeping bags work down to 40 and we had those thermacare heating things we put at our feet.  Plus we had our dog, which she is a personal heater when you get her under the covers.  When new people would come up, of course she would get out of he covers to see them or if she was too lazy she would bark from under the covers.  Which was funny because the people were like what the heck where is that coming from – lol  Overall she was good, in fact most people didn’t realize there was a dog until she fully came out at the launch time and they were like, oh wow, look at the cute dog.  She started barking because they were addressing her and then this one lady took a picture of her with a very bright flash.  She starting blinking and shut up.  She didn’t bark again, I don’t think she liked it and decided she should stop barking – lol

    Luckily it went up, we were there the night before and it did not go up.  I don’t think I could handle going out there again in the middle of the night.  Night launches are cool, but not getting home until 5:30 AM throws off your sleep schedule.

    Carol J

    They predicted 3 to 6 inches for Long Island for last Saturday; we had a few flakes but not even a dusting. now they are predicting 12 to 18 inches for Wednesday…..should we believe them?

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