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    I was watching the ejpisode where Kate and her hubby watched the video of Chad’s mom in bed with the senator back when she hooked; someone hit the senator over the head and he died. After viewing it Stefano kissed Kate and said she saved his life that night. What did I miss? How did Kate save his life??


    because she had found Maddie to lure the Senator into the situation that put an end to the Senator and the problems that existed between him and Stefano.  Of course, we may learn later that it was something entirely different; just guessing.



    If the video is all that Madeline had, I don’t understand why Kate was SO nervous about her.  There was nothing to incriminate Kate, there has to be more, at least for it to make sense to me. 


    I don’t think the tape is the real thrust of this storyline.  I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that we never see or hear of it again because I think it was only used as a means to enable Kate to find the envelope with whatever it contains.  I think THAT is going to be our story.  Just speculation though.


    After they watched the video and Stefano said Kate saved his life that night she responded with "and killed a man"  Kate then said that Stefano covered it up. 

    In going with that I have to assume the hand that reached for the lamp was Kate’s and she’s the one that hit the Senator over the head and killed him.  I’m also going to suspect that they never saw the tape as Maddie got it before they could so they weren’t sure if they were on the tape or not.  So, if it got out that was how the Senator died and Kate and Stefano’s voice is on the tape and Maddie was on the floor next to the bed then Kate and stefano would be suspect for sure. 



    Could Chad be another one of the devil’s spawn (another Stefano baby??) 


    than anyone else" attitude that personifies Stefano – so I can see him being Stefi’s son…


    I could be wrong but I think Kate found a document (birth certificate maybe) that names Stefano as Chad’s father.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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