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    Melanie and Philip’s wedding is February. Look for a lot of things to go down, especially when Carly shows up at the wedding and Vivian’s plans to escalate her plan comes to a head. Things don’t go according to plan and there’s an "act of violence" that occurs. Melanie writes to Nathan about her feelings for him, while Stephanie’s character keeps going on the bad girl track.

    Hope learns Carly’s secret, but nobody but Carly knows one last secret about Melanie that will change lives. Bo and Carly get closer, but when Carly and Hope are both in danger, he faces a choice.

    EJ and Sami grow closer when they find Sydney’s clothing bloody and in the river. She’s declared dead.

    Chloe learns she’s pregnant.

    I can’t wait to see what happens at the wedding!

    Stephanie going bad could be very interesting for her character.

    I think Carly’s last secret is who the father of Melanie is.

    It sickens me what EJ is doing, she already went through losing Grace, and now she’s going to go through losing Sydney?

    Chloe being pregnant brings up possiblities for if Daniel is the father of Melanie.


    I think those doctors in Salem better quit telling women they can’t get pregnant.  I suppose Melanie will be the next one to get "in a family way."



    I also think that Carly’s last secret is who the father of Melanie is. What if it turns out to be Victor? Being married to her brother really would turn Melanie’s life upside down. However, surely Carly would tell Melanie before she and Philip were married, but what if even Carly doesn’t know who the biological father is?


    OOh I love the idea that victor might be her father.  Maybe Carly stops the wedding to let the cat out of the bag?

    Carly has some really rotten taste in men in the past huh?


    was a medical colleague that she had a brief affair with at a medical convention.  That would definitely discount Victor.  No, I think it’s Daniel; they had a quick affair and realized they made a mistake and ended it.  I don’t think Daniel has any idea that Carly was pregnant, though.  So, with Chloe being pregnant, this will cause turmoil in even move lives.

    Ms. Jake

    This sounds sooo exciting! Wonder if Viv will really attempt to kill Melanie and or both Carly & daughter??? Maybe they have a short term contract? And Bo will choose to save Hope instead od Carly???


    "man-whore" when he came to Salem – Kate, Chelsa, nurse Amber was hot for him, (didn’t he have something flirtatious with  Lexie when Abe had eyesight problems?), Chole, and now if he’s the daddy with Carly?


     Carly first came to Salem and didn’t want to come between Bope or cause trouble for Bo?  I sure hope it isn’t going to be him as the father!

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