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    I though it would be nice as our own special tribute to Frances Reid to share our own memorable scenes of Mrs. H.  I know there are so many but one that always stands out in my mind was when she fed the guard her "spiked" donuts to get Bo out of jail. 



    Definitely when she and Bo worked together. I wish we could have more interaction like that between young and old on the show. I also liked the scenes when she welcomed Lucas into the family.


    She could of knocked some sense into Bo right now!!


    I always loved the scenes between her and Bo!  They made me smile!  I also liked her scenes with Jennifer or Hope, when they were younger. 


    I copied/pasted this from a cached search page – it came up on Beth’s Days Page as a cached file but the page is no longer there…so I can’t link the source…  This was when Roman was in jail for Renée Dumonde’s murder, and he was being framed, so Bo and Alice sprang into action:

    Working with Alice Horton, Bo laced one of her doughnuts with a drug that would induce a sort of heart attack. Alice delivered the  doughnut to Roman in jail, and he promptly suffered an attack that left him barely breathing. Meanwhile,  Bo snuck aboard the prison’s ambulance and knocked out the guard that was with Roman. Then, while the ambulance was briefly stopped because of Alice had conveniently stalled her car in the middle of the road, Bo quietly escaped with Roman. No one was the wiser. And now, Roman could work on finding out who was trying to frame him.

    I LOVED that story!  Nobody would have suspected Alice of any chicainery… but Bo knew better!



     Alice and the Christmas tree with the Horton ornaments.  I did like the helping Bo and Roman ones too.  


    I liked it when she was helping Hope remember who she was with the ‘puzzle box’ where she had written the love letter to Bo and placed it inside.  Also, when she helped Bo get Howie Hoffstetter to stand in for Hope in her marriage to Larry Welch and Bo ‘stole’ Hope and took her away.  Any time Mrs. H worked with Bo was awesome!!


    she went on w/Bope and even getting dressed up in burglar garb. She was a gamer for sure even in her golden years!

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