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    Did anybody else think EJ’s contrived confession about the townhouse and Sami’s reaction to it was far beyond lame?  It made me roll my eyes so hard they kept going for 15 minutes.


    You have to give it to him. He can come up with a story in under a minute!!! BUt how cumb is Sami to believe that story was the important stroy that Nicole wanted to air on TV?


    I really think that Sami deserves EJ if she is gullible enough to consider that story a deep, dark secret. Actually, she was too busy being flattered that he would go to all that trouble to keep her. Besides, the mansion has servants and she wants for nothing!!!


    As for the truth coming out. Johny will be a teen before than!!!


    I think I’m the only one enjoying this storyline right now.  I don’t want the truth to come out yet, because it’s too much fun seeing Nicole have the goods on him!  Face it, EJ is not only completely unbelievable looking, he’s also quite charming when he wants to be, so it’s easy for Sami to get sucked in and believe him.  Wouldn’t take much for me to be on his side either and I KNOW everything he’s done. ;-)  I want it to continue for a while, so we can enjoy watching Nicole hold this over EJ.  It’s just too fun to watch!


    I’m soooooooooo enjoying SamEJ’s moments together. Although I though Sami’s reaction yesterday was a little laughable, I got all goo-goo ga-ga just seeming those two together! Ooooh weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! SAMI & EJ together 4ever!


    but EJ and anyone is great – that man just has "the something"…but it’s fun to see him "twist" when Nicole put’s the screws to him…you can see all the gears in his mind thinking how he’s going to come up with on out – EJ is the most interesting man, Bo, we all know too well from watching him for the past 20 years, Rafe is just a good guy (I love him too), but he’s not shown us any other side of himself so far other than a good guy)…even John had different levels to him over the years…EJ can be kind, charming, good, bad, calculating, and an out and out  bastard…and still wrapped up in that package he’s in…


     although I am loving Nicole tormenting him.  What a weak, pathetic character he is with Sami, but Nicole keeps him on his toes and always guessing what she will do next.  Love the way she just walks in the mansion and acts like she still lives there.  Ari Z. is perfect in this role.  Hate her with Brady, though.  Also, I hate that E.J. and Nicole are so damn busy trying to watch each other’s backs that they will totally ignore the fact that they both know damn well that Ariana is innocent, and for that I hope they are both caught and then can burn in hell together for all I care.


    As usual Sami is behaving moronic.

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