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    Just caught a bit of the show last night. What does everyone think of Max’s treatment of Brandy? Yeah, she’s a brat and I liked that someone was giving it to her, but some of those slaps/shoves Max gave seemed a bit harsh. I mean in the real world would he get away with that?
    Or is it just me?


    at Maks.  A little too touchy-feely for my taste last night.  I know he has a bit of a temper, and no patience whatsoever with most of his students; but it’s obvious from his performance last night, from rehearsal to the actual competition, that he went overboard a little in the touching and slapping.  He even rubbed Brook’s belly, didn’t he?  Plus, he gave Tom a slap on the rear before leaving to get their score.  I don’t get it.  I’ve never seen him in that light before.  I know at times he’s been OTT where his demand for perfection is concerned, and he doesn’t take criticism from the judges very well, but he needs to tone it down a bit.  Also, I don’t think he’s gaining any points with the judges when he displays that sort of cockiness.  I know it took him down a peg or two on my admiration meter, and it’s not necessary, because he’s one of the best pros on the show, IMHO.  Maybe he’s reached the point where he’s a little too full of himself.  


    addressed his inappropriate teaching techniques, which also surprised me.  I’ve never thought too highly of Brandy since that auto accident that she caused a few years ago where there was tragic results and she was pretty cavaliear about it.  If I recall correctly, it was quite awhile afterwards that she was held responsible; but, of course, being a celebrity, she got off much more lightly than a non-celebrity citizen.  It was her attitude that disturbed me and I’ve seen the same so far this season on DWTS.

    Overall, I’m not impressed with this season’s dancers.  They keep saying that it’s the best season so far, however I would very much disagree with them.  I’m not sure who I think should go tonight because there are a few that are pretty equal in their inability.  If I had to choose, I think I’d send The Situation home.

    With Michael Bolton singing tonight, I wonder if there will be any reference to his altercation with Bruno.  It seemed to be ignored in a direct manner last night.


    I’m glad they didn’t address his little outburst because, as harsh as it was, I think Bruno was just doing his job and sometimes it takes the brutal truth to get the job done.  I thought Bolton acted like a little baby and if his diva rumors are true, Bruno probably had an ulterior motive for his comments.  It’ll be interesting to see what transpires tonight.  I hope they just let the whole thing go and don’t even mention it.  They don’t usually talk to the guest performers anyway.

    I don’t know what to think of Maks.  I’ve always liked him but it does seem like he’s going a little overboard with his opinion of himself.  I wonder if that had anything to do with his break-up with Katrina (Karina?).  I was flabberghasted when he rubbed Brooke’s belly.  I think I would have hauled off and slapped him.  But as far as patting Tom’s butt, his partner last year (darn, what’s her name?) started it and I think he was just continuing it as a running joke.

    Finally, Brandy…  She was a judge on another show (can’t remember which one) and I thought she acted pretty much like a little spoiled brat on that one.  I think she’s one of the better dancers (although the judges haven’t seemed to think so) so it’s hard to tell what kind of fan base she has.


    with who is voted off each week.  Sorry, Margaret, but it was DEFINITELY your time to go.  She was so out-of-step this week, I actually felt sorry for poor Louie.

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