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    Well that just sucks.  I know somebody had to go but I hated to see it be Ralph.  I thought for the past couple of weeks the judges were very unfair to him and that his injury is what did him in.  I really thought it should have been Kirstie but, at this point, I wouldn’t be happy with whomever it was. 

    But I’m sure Kirstie will be next.  I’m just so afraid that Hines will win over Chelsea only because of the judges’ favoritism.  Carrie and Len definitely lean towards him and he has an enormous fan base but I feel very strongly that Chelsea is the better dancer…by far.  But then, that’s JMO.  Either one of them is well deserving of the coveted mirror ball.


     and I was indeed reduced to tears when Hines got so emotional over it.  It certainly wasn’t expected, but it really showed me what kind of person he is.  Here’s this powerfully strong professional footballer showing his sensitivity for the world to see, even though it was an accidental injury.  These pros push the limit so above and beyond what the competitors are expected to be able to do, that it’s getting to be an expected event to suffer some sort of injury.  Just seems to me they are getting more frequent and more profound each year.

    Anyway, I love Mark and Chelsea, but I really believe that Hines and Kim will win it.  I give all the props in the world and beyond to Kirstie.  For her age and size, to have hung in there all the way to the finals is the best compliment anyone could give to her.  And it wasn’t all because of Maks.  She really is very a good dancer, and her personality just makes her shine, for me anyway.

    I feel bad for Ralph, but when it gets near the end like this, and we know someone has to go, it’s always sad after watching the efforts for so many weeks, to have to watch someone go home; but, Ralph has been struggling, even before the injury.  He seemed to just be running out of steam, and could never appear to me to be agile enough, no matter how well he danced.  Some of his dances were extremely well done, but some were sort of wooden.  Regardless of the sympathy I felt for Ralph and Karina, I think the right stars were eliminated.


    of them be eliminated.  At least all four of these celebs can actually dance.  Unlike years past, it was hard to watch a celeb with a huge fan base get voted to stay week after week when they couldn’t dance or were clearly not in the same league as the other competitors.  This year really seemed to work out in a much fairer manner.   I’m going to miss it more this year than ever before when they are finished next week! 


    the show you all are speaking of this season.  SYTYCD starts next week I believe…need some summer replacement shows – all my favorites are off or going off for the season…


    Ralph  never really seemed to live up to his first week’s dance. He was a real trooper though, and I wish him luck. As for the final three, I reallyl like HInes and think he is a good dancer. Plus I think Kym really deserves to have a winning partner, cause I think she is that good.  I have to say I go this way and that when it comes to Chelsea. Sometimes she looks good and then other times she appears flat footed in the dance and extension is not so hot but gets 9s and 10s from judges when other people dance the same or better and get poor scores. Especially when it gets to the end. We are subjected to the judges choices in scoring especailly in that so-called dance off. Bruno never had a chance for his vote to count since he was last in the voting. So obviously Chelsea and Mark won since they were afraid Chelsea might get kicked off if they didn’t give her the 15 points even though I don’t think her dance was that much better. Oh well, vote a lot on Monday night is all I can say so your fave will win.

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